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kapa.ai is a tool that enables developer-facing companies to create AI-powered support bots for their community. It uses Large Language Models (LLM), specifically ChatGPT, to generate chatbots that can automatically answer developer questions.

The tool learns from various sources such as documentation, tutorials, chat logs, and GitHub issues to provide accurate responses.By leveraging kapa.ai, teams from companies like OpenAI, Airbyte, and NextJS have improved their developer experience and reduced the need for manual support.

The tool eliminates response waiting time, puts support on autopilot, and helps identify gaps in documentation.kapa.ai offers over 40 technical source connectors, allowing users to connect their existing knowledge sources such as docs, GitHub, and Slack.

The tool can be deployed in various channels such as Docs, Slack, Discord, or via API, making it convenient for developers to access.Users can manage their AI bot using the kapa.ai platform, which includes features like automatic updates, high accuracy and reliability grounded in knowledge sources, a feedback loop for improved answers, and analytics to track user interactions.

The tool also helps identify common themes and documentation gaps, allowing users to continuously improve their support system.With off-the-shelf integrations available, deploying kapa.ai is quick and easy.

Users can create bots for platforms like Discord, Slack, and embeddable docs widgets for websites. The tool has received positive feedback from users, who have reported substantial reductions in support hours and improved developer experience.Overall, kapa.ai is a powerful tool that leverages advanced language models to provide efficient and accurate support to developer communities.

Kapa.ai was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 23rd 2023.
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