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Online platform for editing videos.
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Kapwing is an online video editing tool that offers a range of AI-powered features to make video editing faster, easier, and more efficient. The AI Video Editing tool combines the power of GPT-4 with video editing to help users create videos, images, or scripts from scratch in just a few clicks.

With Kapwing, creating a stylized summary video, image, script, or meme becomes effortless with its AI generator technologies, such as OpenAI's DallE, ChatGPT, and GPT-4.

Additionally, users can transform their long-form documents into video summaries with Document to Video. Kapwing's AI-based video editing features include Smart Cut, Remove Background, Text to Speech, Magic Subtitles, and more, so users can accomplish a variety of editing workflows with ease.

Kapwing has been recognized by millions of creators worldwide for its user-friendliness, speed, and versatility. With Kapwing's AI-powered tool, the video editing process becomes less time-consuming, more streamlined and efficient, enabling users to make more videos with less effort.

Users can sign up to stay up-to-date with Kapwing's latest features and explore how AI and machine learning can supercharge their workflows.


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Pros and Cons


Online platform
GPT-4 integration
Video creation from scratch
Image creation from scratch
Script creation from scratch
Meme generator
Document to video tool
Smart Cut functionality
Background removal feature
Text to Speech tool
Magic Subtitles feature
User-friendly interface
Efficient workflows
Continuous updates
ChatGPT Tech
Highly rated globally
Stylized summary creation
Adaptable to different workflows
Smart transcription feature
Automated video editing
Explorative tools
Free to use
Paid plans availability
Additional features on paid plans
Increased storage on paid plans
Extra support on paid plans
In-built Video Editor
In-built Subtitles tool
Built-in Meme Generator
Video Converter tool
Video Trimmer tool
Screen Recorder tool
Video template availability
Meme template availability
Collage template availability
Instagram Video template
Popular template availability
EDU template availability
Clean audio tool
Generates videos for social media
Quick Stylized summary creation
Accessible from anywhere
Help center available
Automatically adds subtitles
Animations for videos


No offline version
Dependency on internet connectivity
No explicit collaboration features
No native mobile app
Unclear pricing model
Lacks advanced editing features
No 3D video editing
Limited animation options
No built-in asset library


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How does Kapwing Video Editor's AI video generator work?
Does Kapwing Video Editor offer features to streamline video editing process?
Can I create a video from scratch using Kapwing Video Editor?
What AI technologies does Kapwing Video Editor incorporate in its features?

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