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Create custom AI chatbots for your business in minutes.
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KaraboAI provides intelligent, customizable chatbots which can be integrated onto your business website. Offering a range of functionalities, these AI-powered chatbots offer capabilities including appointment scheduling, eCommerce sales automation, customer support, data collection, and event RSVP among others.

They can be trained to collect CRM data directly from customers, replacing traditional forms for smoother and efficient data ingestion. They can also be trained to handle tasks such as managing appointments with proactive reminders and cancellation handling.

KaraboAI chatbots are designed to increase business efficiency by offloading the heavy lifting of customer interactions, data collection, and appointments management.

Moreover, the service provides third-party integration capabilities that allow convenient data import and chatbot deployment. These integrations include platforms like OpenAI, Shopify, WooCommerce, Google Calendar, Zapier, WhatsApp, and Messenger.

The chatbots can be customized to match the business brands aura and added on the business's website or used to interact with customers on WhatsApp. KaraboAI prides itself on making its bots intuitive to set up, with the process boiled down to choosing a bot type based on required functionality, inputting the necessary data, and deploying the bot.


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Jun 4, 2024
I'm thrilled with KaraboAI, What sets it apart is its ability to allow me to build a chatbot even if I do not have a website. This feature has been a game-changer, as I can now easily share my chatbot with customers, partners, and colleagues via a link.
Jun 3, 2024
The process of actually creating a bot is so simple, even the free chatbot. Although the mobile compatibility was issue before, it seems to have been resolved by now.

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Pros and Cons


Customizable chatbots
Appointment scheduling functionality
eCommerce sales automation
Customer support option
Data collection abilities
Event RSVP functionality
CRM data collection feature
Cancellation handling for appointments
Efficient data ingestion
Third-party integration capabilities
Google Calendar, Zapier, WhatsApp, Messenger integration
Brand aura customization
Website or WhatsApp deployment
Intuitive chatbot setup
24/7 customer support feature
Replacement for traditional forms
Chatbot with proactive reminders
Sales assistant for WooCommerce store
Special chatbot for medical appointments
Data and chatbot integration
Chatbot color selection
Ability for chatbots to perform complex tasks
Platform for business enquiries
Personalized chatbot training
Webhooks and third party integrations
Direct customer interaction
Automated customer assistance
Real-time data from customers
Varied chat functionalities
Fast chatbot deployment
Seamless business information collection
Automated eCommerce platform integration
Knowledge base for chatbot training
Deployment options for different platforms
No coding required for setup
Option to create free chatbot
Ready to assist with general queries
Efficient scheduling and reminder system
Direct embedding on any website
Chat widget for any site
WhatsApp and Messenger deployment options


Limited platform integration
Possible chatbot misunderstanding
Limited chatbot customization
Data privacy issues
Restrictive bot functionalities
Dependent on third-party platforms
Complex setup for beginners
Inadequate multilingual support
Could lack advanced analytics
Static bot personality


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Can I integrate KaraboAI chatbots with my business's CRM?
What business processes can I automate using KaraboAI chatbots?
Can KaraboAI chatbots handle event RSVPs?
Does KaraboAI provide any ready-to-use chatbots for specific functionalities?
How does KaraboAI's customer support chatbot work?

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