Image generation 2023-06-29
Creative image generation for artistic inspiration.
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Karlo is an AI image generation tool developed by Kakao Brain. It enables users to unleash their creativity and generate impressive AI-generated images.

With Karlo, users can input their own words or descriptions and the tool will generate corresponding images based on the input. The tool utilizes Kakao Brain's unique image creation model to produce these images.The generated images cover a wide range of themes and styles, including futuristic fashion districts, fair sharing, cartoon characters, landscapes, and various artistic styles such as loish and artgerm.

The images are described as photorealistic, high quality, and detailed, showcasing the tool's attention to visual aesthetics.Users can create images for different purposes, such as novel covers, artistic projects, or even specific requests like images of Iron Man riding a camel or a realistic depiction of a running racehorse.

The tool also supports the creation of images in specific styles like Monet's or Gyubang Crafts, allowing users to explore different artistic inspirations.Karlo's AI-generated images can be easily accessed through the tool's AI Canvas and Recent Creations sections, providing users with a library of previously generated images for reference and inspiration.

It is worth noting that Karlo is currently preparing for mobile web support, so some features may not work smoothly on mobile devices.


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