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Automated scheduling of meetings and calls for users.
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Katch is an AI-powered tool designed to help busy individuals find time to connect with the people they want to meet with, without the hassle of scheduling.

With Katch, users can set their availability hours, link their Google calendar, and let the tool find the right time for important conversations. Katch uses Smart Suggestions with adaptive availability, which makes finding the perfect time to connect with others effortless.

The tool also helps users avoid awkward rescheduling by allowing them to Wave when they are free for a call. Katch's AI-powered call assistant can boost productivity by generating call summaries and action items shortly after the meeting.

This saves users time on note-taking and reviewing pages of meeting minutes. Users can also invite others to connect via Katch and, once the recipient has accepted the invite, Katch's AI starts sending Smart Suggestions for the best time for both parties to connect by analyzing invite's description, availability data, and time zones.

Katch provides full manual control, allowing users to adjust the suggested times to suit their needs. The app integrates with Google calendar, and more calendar integrations are coming soon.

Katch is available for download on the App Store and Google Play, and the team behind the tool is continually updating it to provide a seamless experience for their users.

Overall, Katch is a smart scheduling tool that makes it simple and efficient to connect with others.


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Pros and Cons


Automated scheduling of meetings
Adaptive availability
Google calendar integration
Smart Suggestions feature
Allows to set availability
Generates call summaries
Generates action items post-meeting
Allows manual control
Wave feature for immediate availability
Analyzes invite description, availability, time zones
Real-time connection proposal ('Waving')
Multiple calendar integrations coming
App Store and Google Play availability
Continuous updates
Can directly invite others


Limited to Google Calendar integration
No desktop version
Smart Suggestions may not suit
May require frequent manual adjustments
Limited calendar integrations
Only available via download
No explicit privacy for calls
Doesn't have an API
Only supports one-to-one meetings
Closed source


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