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Our AI renames and organizes your screenshots.
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Keep It Shot is a Mac application that leverages artificial intelligence to name and manage your screenshots effectively. This tool doesn't merely provide an arbitrary name to your 'screenshot.png' but gives it an 'appropriate descriptive name', crafted by the AI based on the content of the screenshot.

This automation streamlines the tedious process of manually renaming files and keeps the user interface clutter-free. Furthermore, the app provides an added feature of generating short image descriptions and keywords through OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

These attributes are used to create a local index that allows for a highly responsive and fully private offline search functionality. The search feature is conveniently accessible, requiring only a few keywords to locate any screenshot swiftly.

An additional special feature includes customizable renaming preferences that the user can tailor as per their needs, and an option to revert to original names if users are unsatisfied with the new ones.

In summary, Keep It Shot is an efficient screenshot management tool that combines AI-powered naming functionalities with effective browsing and search capabilities to turn cluttered screenshots folders into an organized resource.


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Pros and Cons


Mac application
Screenshot management
Customizable renaming preferences
Revert to original names
Offline search functionality
OCR image descriptions
Creates local index
Fully private search
Fast search
Integrated rename progress bar
Automated renaming feature
Responsive user interface
Efficient browsing capabilities


MacOS exclusive
Might misinterpret screenshot content
Limited renaming customization
No cross-device synchronization
No online backup
Offline-only search
No multi-language OCR
No image editing features
May clutter with inappropriate names
Reverting names requires action


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