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Capture and instantly retrieve your knowledge effortlessly.
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Keepi is an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that operates as a personal knowledge assistant. This tool allows users to store and share different types of content, including ideas, articles, lists, videos, and text messages.

The tool can learn from the user's input and create insights. Not only does Keepi capture and store this knowledge, it also organizes it for later retrieval.

The organization process is handled by AI, which enriches the stored content, making it easy for the user to find when needed. Keepi is versatile, allowing users to use their saved knowledge on the go or in an office setting, making it a dynamic tool for leveraging personal knowledge.

One distinctive feature of Keepi is its ability to interact with users over WhatsApp.

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Keepi was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 6th 2023.

Pros and Cons


Personal knowledge assistant
Effortless knowledge capture
Mobile and office usage
WhatsApp Integration
Social media support
Email support
Multimedia content storage
Knowledge retrieval
Data enrichment
Communal content sharing


No offline usage
Potential privacy concerns
Dependent on user inputs
Limited content organization options
No automated backup feature
No cross-platform support
Requires constant internet
Limited multimedia support


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