Writing 11 Feb 2023
Multilingual keyboard improves communication.

Generated by ChatGPT

AI Keyboard with ChatGPT is a powerful communication tool that helps users break down language barriers and write more effectively. It features a translation tool that supports 5 languages, a rephrase feature to help users express themselves more clearly and a state-of-the-art ChatGPT bot that can write emails, captions, tweets and more in minutes.

With the translation feature, users can communicate with people speaking different languages, while the rephrase feature ensures their messages are clear.

The ChatGPT bot helps users save time and effort by automatically writing emails, letters and other texts. The AI Keyboard is easy to use and highly customizable, with a user-friendly interface that makes typing a breeze.

It is optimized for ASO, with keywords such as Keyboard, Translate, ChatGPT, Communication, Language, Writer, Email, Letter, Caption, Tweet, Customization and User-friendly.

The app also has a data safety feature, which allows users to understand how developers collect and share their data, as well as an API key to get unlimited access, performance improvements, bug fixes and more.


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