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Clustered keywords for content marketing.
Generated by ChatGPT

Keyword Insights is an AI-driven content marketing platform that enables users to generate and cluster keywords, map search intent, and produce detailed content briefs easily and at scale.

The tool has four main features: keyword discovery, keyword clustering, search intent, and content briefs. With keyword discovery, users can generate thousands of keyword ideas by inputting a single seed keyword.

Keyword clustering allows users to group keywords that share the same intent and target them on the same page. With the search intent feature, users can quickly identify the search intent behind keywords at scale, and the content briefs feature outlines a comprehensive content brief in minutes with AI-driven technology.

Keyword Insights also offers managed services, case studies, and free tools such as SERP explorer and SERP similarity tool. It has been used by leading brands and agencies, which are showcased on its website.

The platform's features aim to simplify the research, planning, outlining, and writing stages of content creation. It is suitable for content marketers, SEO specialists, and writers seeking to improve their content strategy using AI-driven technology.


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Keyword Insights was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 8th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates thousands of keywords
Clusters keywords by intent
Maps search intent at scale
Produces detailed content briefs
Offers managed services
Provides case studies
Free tools included
SERP explorer tool
SERP similarity tool
Simplifies research and planning
Outlines content automatically
Eases writing stage of content
Suitable for content marketers
Helpful for SEO specialists
Aids writers improving content strategy
Identifies content gaps quick
Builds topical clusters
Identifies keyword cannibalisation
Predicts true search intent accurately
Finds internal linking opportunities
Boosts content marketing
Generates comprehensive content brief in minutes
Features trusted by global agencies
Accelerates keyword research
Offers 750 credits for $1
Effortless operation
Detailed guides available
Public API access
Side-by-side page comparisons
Helps identify content gaps
Helps with topical clusters
Identify keyword cannibalisation
Speeds up internal linking
Optimises content writing


No multilingual support
No mobile support
No data export features
Needs constant internet connection
No real-time updates
No API for integrations
No customization options


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Who are the typical users of Keyword Insights?
What do I get when I sign up for Keyword Insights?
What are the 'managed services' Keyword Insights offer?
How do I access Keyword Insights' case studies?
Who are some of the leading brands and agencies that use Keyword Insights?
How can Keyword Insights aid in content creation?
What is the SERP explorer tool in Keyword Insights?
What does the SERP similarity tool of Keyword Insights do?
How does the ‘keyword discovery’ feature work in Keyword Insights?
Can Keyword Insights aid in planning my content strategy?
How can Keyword Insights improve my SEO?
Can Keyword Insights identify search intent in keywords?
Does Keyword Insights offer any guides or tutorials?
How does Keyword Insights assist in content writing?


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