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Assisting with keyword research for SEO optimization.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI powered SEO tool that helps to find the best keywords for a website or blog. Its GPT-3.5 based AI engine is able to generate unique and deeply relevant questions and topics related to a user's niche.

It can also generate hundreds of topics around a single keyword, making it easy to build authority within a niche. The tool also provides keyword data, including estimated search volume, Google PAA questions, and keyword difficulty, making it easier to make informed decisions.

Furthermore, it can automatically generate answers to Google People Also Ask questions and generate blog post outlines. With, users can create content that their target audience is already looking for, without the need to struggle with writer's block.


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Keywrds was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 20th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates unique questions
Generates multiple topics
Keyword data provided
Estimates search volume
Shows keyword difficulty
Answers Google PAA questions
Generates blog post outlines
Generates niche-related keywords
Generates hundreds of keywords
Automates keyword research
Google PAA integration
GPT-3.5 based engine
Generates unique, relevant topics
Automatic content generation
Provides high authority keywords
Supports topic clusters
Easily applicable to SEO
Aids in building authority
Supports unlimited projects
Allows multiple credits
Beta package offered
Generates new topics
Answers PAA questions
Analyzes competitors' keywords
Single keyword generates hundreds
Doesn't require writing skills
Generates unconventional, provocative topics
Identifies niche pain points
Helps avoid keyword stuffing
Produces natural language keywords
Estimates keyword monthly search
Supplies keyword difficulty ranking
Aids in virality potential
Generates blog post ideas
Account actions consume credits
Helps overcome writer's block
Promotes deeply engaging content
Scrapes Google PAA questions
Single plan covers features
Facilitates SERPs standing
Generates 100% unique content
Generates content per user need


Only one subscription plan available
Limited keyword data
No long-form content generation
Credits needed for tasks
No noted API available
No bulk keyword import
No explicit data export feature
Limited user interface customization
Doesn't provide mobile app
Beta package price uncertainty


What is
What functionalities does the GPT-3.5 based AI engine of offer?
How does assist in keyword research?
What additional keyword data does provide?
How does automatically generate answers to Google's People Also Ask questions?
What makes's keyword generation unique and deeply relevant?
Can generate blog post outlines?
Are the topics generated by able to build authority within a niche?
What are the subscription plans and pricing of
Does provide any free trial?
Does support multiple projects?
What benefits does offer for SEO optimization?
Can generate controversial, thought-provoking, or unconventional topics?
How can help in creating content that the target audience is looking for?
Can generate a list of hundreds of keywords from a single seed keyword?
What does 'topic clusters' mean in
Can estimate search volumes and keyword difficulty?
What is the benefit of's feature of answering Google People Also Ask questions?
Does provide any tools or services for user feedback and suggestions?
What are the steps to get started with

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