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Education guide and writing coach.
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Khanmigo is an AI-powered guide developed by Khan Academy, a nonprofit organization that aims to make education free and accessible for all. Khanmigo serves as a tutor for learners, an assistant for teachers, and a writing coach that provides prompts and suggestions, freeing up educators' time and empowering learners.

Additionally, Khanmigo offers interactive experiences and real-time feedback to help learners hone their computer science skills, making learning to code more accessible.

To test and provide feedback on new learning tools like Khanmigo, users can join Khan Labs, a pilot program that invites approximately 1,000 teachers, students, and school district administrators to participate.

Users can sign up through the Khan Academy website and are asked to donate $20 monthly to support the nonprofit's efforts. It is important to note that donations are not mandatory, and subscribing to the Khan Labs newsletter is an alternative way to stay updated about AI and future testing opportunities.

Overall, Khanmigo is a valuable AI tool for education, serving as a one-on-one tutor, lesson planner, writing coach, and computer science teacher. Joining Khan Labs allows users to help shape the future of learning and ensure that education remains free and accessible for all.


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Pros and Cons


Teacher assistant for planning
Writing coach with prompts
Real-time interactive feedback
Hones computer science skills
Pilot testing opportunity
Opportunity to shape features
Accessible learning tools
Individual student feedback
Empowers learners
Frees up educators' time
Future learning tool testings
Khan Academy's trusted quality
Nonprofit with track record
Generates lesson plans
Facilitates coding learning
Enhances teaching efficiency
Potential for application testing
Flexibility in testing frequency
Option to enable access for children
Capacity to handle high usage


Limited testing capacity
Requires donation for testing
Strict testing requirements
Waitlist to access
Limited to US users
Only serves English speakers
No public release yet
Requires manual sign-up
No direct API access
Feedback provision not mandatory


What is Khanmigo?
What features and experiences does Khanmigo offer?
How does Khanmigo assist teachers?
What does it mean when it says Khanmigo serves as a writing coach?
What interactive experiences does Khanmigo provide for learning coding?
What is the Khan Labs program?
Can Khanmigo help me create lesson plans?
How can I join Khan Academy?
Can I test Khanmigo without donating?
What happens once I join the Khan Labs?
What is the role of a user in Khan Labs?
What is the purpose of the monthly donation to Khanmigo?
What are the testing requirements for Khanmigo and who can apply?
Can I sign up my child to test Khanmigo?
Why isn't Khanmigo available to the public?
Why is there a waitlist to test Khanmigo?
Are there any alternatives to donating for testing opportunities?
How many users are allowed to test Khanmigo?
How do I get updates about new features and testing opportunities?
How can Khanmigo help me learn and improve computer science skills?

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