Media organization 2023-03-02
Media asset processing and management for filmmakers.
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Kino AI is an AI tool designed specifically for filmmakers to process and organize their footage. It acts as an assistant editor, digital imaging technician, and script supervisor all in one.

With Kino AI, filmmakers of various types, including documentarians, short film directors, commercial editors, content creators, music video directors, TV studios, feature editors, event videographers, promo editors, and film students, can efficiently manage their media assets.One of the key features of Kino AI is its ability to automatically backup files from SD cards to pre-designated locations, compatible with external hard drives and cloud storage solutions.

After ensuring the safety of the assets, Kino AI can help in reorganizing the files into a custom folder structure.The AI transcription capability of Kino AI enables it to watch and listen to the footage, and based on its understanding, it can name files by the slate, identify interesting moments, and match scenes to a script.

Kino AI also automatically populates metadata into a digital codebook, which can be used in any editing environment and shared across departments.Additionally, the tool offers features like automatic audio-visual sync, sound artifact removal, and proxy file generation through a seamless file browser.

It aims to automate mundane, menial, and essential parts of filmmakers' workflows, making it a valuable asset for filmmakers looking to streamline their processes.Although currently in private beta, interested individuals can sign up for early access to experience Kino AI in action.

Kino was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 24th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automatic backup from SD cards
Compatible with external hard drives
Compatible with cloud storage
Custom folder structure organization
Files named by slate
Matches scenes to script
Automatic metadata labeling
Digital codebook creation
Metadata usable in any editing environment
Metadata shareable across departments
Automatic audio-visual sync
Sound artifact removal
Proxy file generation
Seamless file browser
Tailored for various types of filmmakers
Identification of interesting moments
Automation of essential aspects of workflow
Offers early access for sign-ups


Private beta stage
Transcriptions might be inaccurate
Compatibility with editing software
Automatic reorganization might be flawed
Storage limitations
Dependent on internet connection
Database security concerns
Potential perceived loss of control
Accuracy of sound artifact removal
Limited support resources


What is Kino AI?
Who can use Kino AI?
How does Kino AI assist in media asset management?
How does the automatic backup feature of Kino AI work?
Is Kino AI compatible with external hard drives and cloud storage solutions?
How does the file organization system of Kino AI work?
What is the AI transcription capability of Kino AI?
How does Kino AI identify interesting moments in the footage?
How does Kino AI match scenes to a script?
What is the role of the digital codebook in Kino AI's system?
How does the automatic audio-visual sync feature of Kino AI work?
How does Kino AI assist in sound artifact removal?
Can Kino AI generate proxy files?
Is Kino AI suitable for all types of filmmakers?
How can I sign up for early access to Kino AI?
What does the private beta status of Kino AI mean?
Will using Kino AI improve my workflow efficiency?
How does Kino AI integrate into my existing editing workflow?
What are the hardware and software requirements to use Kino AI?
Can I share the digital codebook created by Kino AI across different departments?


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