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Enhanced productivity through simplified essay writing.
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Kipper is an AI-based essay writing tool designed to simplify schoolwork and enhance academic productivity. It offers several powerful features to aid students in their writing tasks.

With Kipper's Essay Writer, students can generate plagiarism-free essays with just a single click. The tool includes built-in anti-aid detectors to ensure the authenticity of the content.

Additionally, Kipper provides an AI Teacher feature that allows students to receive answers to their questions. It supports various file formats, such as PDFs and YouTube videos, for comprehensive learning.

Kipper also includes a Summarizer, which can transform lengthy content, including webpages and documents, into concise summaries, enabling students to comprehend information more efficiently.

Furthermore, Kipper offers a Text Enhancer feature, which uses AI to enhance grammar and fix mistakes in written work. The tool aims to help students work smarter and more effectively.

Kipper is designed to be undetectable by teachers, providing students the ability to leverage AI technology for their school tasks without the fear of getting caught.

It is not mentioned whether Kipper offers a free trial, but interested users can sign up and access the tool by agreeing to the terms of service, refund policy, and privacy policy.


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