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Automated video editing and clipping for social media.
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Klipme is a powerful visual AI video editor that automates the video editing process using sophisticated Visual AI algorithms. It offers a hassle-free web app that allows users to easily clip and edit their videos.

With top-of-the-line Visual AI algorithms, Klipme guarantees comprehensive video summaries and reels without the need for complex menus or a videography degree.The tool is designed to simplify content generation by automatically creating clips from videos.

It is especially useful for creators who need short clips for platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Klipme generates up to 25 prepped and ready-to-publish clips from a single AI run, making daily production streamlined across more than 30 content categories.Klipme excels at two main tasks: creating promotional clips and summarizing long-form content.

The Visual AI video editor utilizes a unique technology stack powered by cognitive science to analyze individual frames of footage, identifying points of interest similar to the human brain.

This ensures that the generated clips include the most important quotes and memorable moments from the original videos.Customization options are available to users, allowing them to set parameters such as regular or visual-driven promos and summaries, audio-driven clipping, music-driven clipping, duration, smart video cropping for landscape to portrait aspect ratios, visual styling, and the ability to add background music.With Klipme, users can save hours on manual video editing and have the Visual AI video editor handle the process up to 20 times faster.

Overall, Klipme offers a user-friendly solution for effortless video editing and content creation, leveraging the power of Visual AI algorithms.


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Klipme was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 25th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automated video editing
Clipping for social media
Hassle-free web app
Comprehensive video summaries
Automates content creation
Generates up to 25 clips
Streamlines production across 30+ categories
Promotional clips creation
Long-form content summarization
Cognitive science-based technology
Analyzes individual frames
Identifies points of interest
Customization options available
User-set parameters
Regular and visual-driven promos
Audio-driven clipping
Music-driven clipping
Smart video cropping
Visual styling
Background music addition
Saves hours on manual editing
20 times faster than manual
User-friendly solution
Specific cuts for TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube
200K+ minutes processed
5K+ clips generated
Ability to add music
Durational control of clips
Cognitive mill™ powered


Limited customization options
Dependent on provided assets
Not for complex projects
Prediction errors in clips
Dependent on internet connection
Limited cognitive science application
No offline version
May not support all formats
No batch processing
Adherence to original script unclear


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What are the customization options available on Klipme?
How does Klipme help in content creation?
What is the role of cognitive science in Klipme?
How does Klipme manage to analyze individual frames of footage?
What is the maximum number of clips Klipme can create in one run?
How much time can I save using Klipme compared to manual video editing?
How is Klipme useful for social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube?
How should I provide my footage to Klipme?
What kind of content can Klipme create?
Can I add background music to my clips on Klipme?
What duration can I choose for my clips on Klipme?
How does Klipme ensure the clips include the important quotes or memorable moments?
Can Klipme crop my videos from landscape to portrait aspect ratio?
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