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Summarizes books, movies & TV shows on a platform.
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KNOW WHY is a website that generates machine-generated content using OpenAI API. The content created by this tool is not intended to replace reading books or watching movies and TV shows.

The website was created by Mohit Mathur, and it allows users to quickly generate summaries of books, movies or TV shows, by simply entering the title.

The tool can be used to get an overview of the plot, main characters or themes of the work in question.It is important to note that the content generated by KNOW WHY is not intended to be a substitute for the original work, but rather a quick way to get an overview of the work's main themes and ideas.

The tool is designed to be easy to use, and it is especially useful for people who want to get a quick summary of a book or movie before diving into it, or for people who may not have time to read or watch the entire work.Overall, KNOW WHY is a useful tool for people who want to quickly get an overview of a work's main themes and ideas without having to read or watch the entire work.

Know Why?? was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 2nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Summarizes books, movies, TV shows
Easy to use
Generates plot overviews
Highlights main characters
Identifies central themes
Quick recap before diving in
Great for time-crunched users
Complements original works
Efficient plot recaps
Broad content range
Fast content generation
Made by experienced developer
Ideal for quick reference
Not a replacement, complement
User-friendly interface
Custom content generation
Frees up reader's time
Promotes efficient knowledge absorption
Ideal for preliminary research


No user review system
Limited to only summaries
Possible copyright issues
Not a replacement for original
No rating system
Limited to book, movie, TV
No option for detailed summaries
Creator-controlled, single developer risk
No guarantee of accuracy


What is KNOW WHY?
Who created KNOW WHY?
How does KNOW WHY generate summaries?
What can I summarize with KNOW WHY?
Is KNOW WHY a substitute for reading books or watching movies?
Why was KNOW WHY created?
Can KNOW WHY summarize TV shows?
How to use KNOW WHY to generate summaries?
What is the source of KNOW WHY's content generation?
Does KNOW WHY give overviews of a work's main themes and ideas?
Can KNOW WHY help me decide whether to read a book or watch a movie?
Is KNOW WHY content intended to replace the original work?
What technology is KNOW WHY based on?
Who can benefit from using KNOW WHY?
How accurate are KNOW WHY summaries?
Does KNOW WHY summarize characters in a book or movie?
Can I rely solely on KNOW WHY's summaries before my book club meetings?
Does KNOW WHY require a subscription or payment?
Are there any limitations to KNOW WHY's summary generation?
Is KNOW WHY safe and legal to use?

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