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Automating and executing workflows for multiple tasks.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI tool designed to scale and automate AI workflows. With just one click, users can run multiple AI prompts simultaneously, eliminating the need for manual execution prompt-by-prompt.

This saves time and allows for the fully automated handling of repetitive AI tasks.The tool offers several key features to enhance workflow efficiency.

The AI Runner feature allows users to group prompts contextually and execute them for any input, whether it be for marketing strategy, SEO analysis, or landing page optimization.

This streamlines the execution process and increases also prioritizes scalability and automation, empowering users to focus on creativity and strategy while the tool handles repetitive AI tasks effortlessly.

This feature eliminates the need for manual intervention in routine tasks, allowing users to allocate their time more effectively.Collaboration is made easier with's real-time execution feature, enabling teamwork to progress smoothly.

Results are generated in real-time, ensuring everyone is in sync and facilitating timely decision-making.Furthermore, the tool offers third-party integrations, allowing seamless integration with popular AI tools and apps.

This integration enhances overall workflow efficiency by providing a unified workspace.Additional features include the ability to create dedicated workspaces, accept various input formats, customize the chat agent, securely store and reuse data, and future plugins compatibility for enhanced AI offers different pricing plans based on individual needs, ranging from a free forever plan to options with advanced features and increased capacity.


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Pros and Cons


One-click workflow automation
Streamlines execution process
Enhances productivity
Prioritizes scalability
Real-time execution
Facilitates teamwork
Third-party integrations
Unified workspace
Dedicated workspaces
Different input formats
Customizable chat agent
Secure and reusable data storage
Future plugins compatibility
Diverse pricing plans
Free forever plan
Real-time result generation
Tailored configurations
OCR for text extraction
Multiple shared workspaces
Integration with popular plugins
Token-based operation
Background execution
No credit card required
Bucket-based storage
Different integration options
Thousands of chat sessions
Unlimited users
Advanced features in premium plans
Real-time collaboration
Idyllic for marketing strategies
Efficient for SEO analysis
Landing page optimization
Platform flexibility
User-friendly interface


Limited document types
No advanced plugin support
Plan-based input restrictions
No bespoke plan option
Expensive higher plans
Lack of OCR options
Limited plugin integration
Inability to process video/audio input
Not suitable for large scale tasks


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What are the third-party tools can integrate with?
What are the various input formats can accept?
Can I customize the chat agent in
How does's feature of reusing data work?
Is compatible with future plugins?
What are the different pricing plans of
What does 'for free' plan of offer?
Does allow OCR to extract text?
How can I create dedicated workspaces in
What are the advantages of's scalability feature?
How does real-time execution in facilitate teamwork?

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