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Guided Gen AI Knowledge Management Platform, also known as Knowmax, is an AI-powered tool that aims to optimize and manage knowledge across various customer touchpoints for improved experienced.

This platform allows for seamless management of customer experience (CX) by delivering contextual and actionable knowledge, enabling teams to provide more efficient service.

It features a Google-like search engine that unifies information from various sources, providing quick and easy access to relevant knowledge. It also includes a no-code Cognitive Decision Trees feature that enables the creation of simple, next best actions for error-free customer service that can further integrate with your Customer Relationship Management for enhanced personalized solutions.

Besides, Knowmax offers visual guides to breakdown complex processes, making information easily understandable for agents and customers. It also houses an omnichannel-ready knowledge base for creating self-help guides to unburden customer support agents from repetitive tasks and promotes efficient learning through process guides, documentations and assessments.

Lastly, it comes with a chrome extension, allowing concurrent chat handling by tracking customer names and IDs, resulting in effective conversation management.

Knowmax was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 15th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Omnichannel knowledge management
Decision tree solutions
Visual device guides
Learning management capabilities
Fast, personalized support
Streamlined agent workflows
Unified enterprise-wide knowledge
Google-like search engine
Automated response handling
Cross-industry implementations
Resourceful learning materials
Contextual and actionable knowledge
No-Code Cognitive Decision Trees
Integrated CRM solutions
Breakdown of complex processes
Omnichannel-ready knowledge base
Creates self-help guides
Efficient learning tools
Chrome extension for chat handling
Concurrent chat handling
Conversation management features
Improved agent-customer engagement
Simplifies complex business operations
Eliminates siloed information
Integration with other tools
Quick access to relevant knowledge
Cost-effective knowledge management
Seamless customer experience creation
Enhanced personalized solutions
Improved knowledge access
Reduces learning curve
Audits existing knowledge
Quality content checks
Secured systems with certifications
Single source of truth
Optimized customer support
Creates interactive workflows
Visual assistance for complex problems
Promotes self-help
Lower cost for better learning
Hassle-free chat handling
Increased employee expertise
Cost-effective training
Process guides and documentation
Assessments to boost knowledge
Supports multiple industries
Real-time knowledge updates


No inbuilt collaboration feature
Requires Chrome for full functionality
No built-in data analytics
No automatic content update
No real-time content syncing
No multi-language support
Not suitable for small businesses
Limited integration options
Google-like but not Google's search engine
Potential migration issues


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