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Sends time-travel themed messages with chatbot.
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Knowtify Chat appears to be a mobile app available on the iOS and Android platforms. Based on the available text, its exact purpose is not clear, but there seems to be an emphasis on time travel.

The app name suggests that it allows users to receive notifications and messages, possibly related to travel and time-sensitive information. However, the text does not provide any details on what specific features the app may offer.

Aside from its name, the app's Twitter account is also provided. Users can follow the account to potentially receive updates or further information on the app's capabilities.

Additionally, the text includes the copyright information, indicating that the app is owned by Meta Bang LLC, a possible point of contact for further inquiries about the app.Overall, while the description of Knowtify Chat is brief and lacking in specific details, it seems to be a mobile app with some sort of time-travel related functionality.

Further research or exploration of the app itself may be required to fully understand its exact purpose and features.


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Knowtify Chat was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 12th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Conversations with historical figures
Time-travel themed notifications
Available on iOS
Available on Android
Integrated with Twitter for updates
User-friendly mobile interface
Owned by Meta Bang LLC


Unclear purpose
Lack of feature details
Limited contact information
Emphasis on time travel
Lacks Android app
Unknown functionality
Limited app information
Unreliable updates
Unknown app owner


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Are there in-app purchases in Knowtify Chat?
Does Knowtify Chat offer any kind of customer support?
Does Knowtify Chat collect any personal data?
Is Knowtify Chat accessible worldwide?
Is there a desktop version of Knowtify Chat?

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