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Automated code correction with bug fix explanations.
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Kodezi is an AI developer tool assistant that uses machine learning and natural language processing to auto-correct code. It provides detailed explanations for bug fixes, optimizes code for efficiency, and can translate code to another language.

The Kodezi Visual Studio Code Extension is available for download. It is suitable for students, developers, and teams. Integrations are available for web and VS Code.

It is also backed by and loved by users. Kodezi is on a mission to 10x productivity in programming and is committed to helping developers write better code with improved efficiency.


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Kodezi was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 25th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automated code correction
Bug fix explanations
Optimizes code efficiency
Translates code languages
Visual Studio Code Extension
Useful for students, developers, teams
Web and VS Code integrations
Auto comments code
Code generation from text
Debugging explanations
Code optimization for efficiency
Language translation for code
Code documentation generation
IDE extension integration
Backed by users
Productivity boosting
Supports multiple languages


Limited to Web, VS Code
Translation reliability may vary
Limited language support
Possible over-optimization of code
Auto-comments might be generic
No customization options
Lacks advanced debugging features
No integration with PyCharm
Only fixes identified bugs
No offline use


What is the main function of Kodezi?
How does Kodezi autocorrect code?
Can Kodezi translate code to another language?
What is the Kodezi Visual Studio Code Extension?
Who can benefit from using Kodezi?
Are there any integrations available for Kodezi?
How does Kodezi help with bug fixing?
Can Kodezi optimize my code for efficiency?
How does Kodezi contribute to increased productivity in coding?
Does Kodezi offer detailed explanations for code corrections?
Is Kodezi suitable for programming teams?
How can students use Kodezi?
Does Kodezi support the top languages in programming?
How can Kodezi be helpful for developers?
What is Kodezi's mission in the world of programming?
Can Kodezi generate code documentation?
What is the user feedback for Kodezi?
Does Kodezi offer any tools for learning to code better?
How does Kodezi compare to Grammarly for programmers?
Is Kodezi available for download on VS Code?

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