Q&A from books 2022-12-23
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Konjer is an AI-powered library that allows users to have conversations with books. The library contains a wide range of books, ranging from classic literature to modern works.

Users can explore old ideas, discover new ones, and learn through conversation. The platform utilizes advanced AI technology to allow users to ask the books questions, and receive meaningful responses.

Konjer is designed to make learning more interactive and engaging. It allows users to ask questions and receive answers in natural language, making the experience as close to a real conversation as possible.

The platform also provides a library art feature, which allows users to explore visuals related to the books to further enhance their learning experience.

Konjer is an innovative way to explore knowledge and discover new ideas.


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Sep 30, 2023
My anti-virus will not let me go to this site.

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Pros and Cons


Wide range of books
Interactive learning experience
Ask and receive answers
Natural language responses
Library art feature
Visual learning enhancement
Explores knowledge innovatively
Revisit old ideas
Discover new ideas
Conversational learning
Literature to modern works
Makes learning engaging


Limited genre diversity
Requires strong Internet connection
Lacks sentiment understanding
No foreign language support
Limited query interpretation
Complex interface
No offline mode
Minimal customisation options
No voice interaction support
Limited FAQs for troubleshooting


What is Konjer?
What kinds of books are available on Konjer?
How does Konjer use AI technology?
How natural is Konjer’s language understanding and response mechanism?
What is the purpose of the library art feature in Konjer?
How interactive is the learning experience on Konjer?
How can I ask questions to a book on Konjer?
Can Konjer understand complex queries?
What do I need to sign up for Konjer?
Is Konjer a good tool for exploring both old ideas and new ones?
How accurate are the responses given by Konjer?
Can I access Konjer from any device?
How can I explore visuals related to books on Konjer?
Does Konjer contain modern works of literature?
How does Konjer make learning engaging?
Can I ask multiple questions at the same time on Konjer?
Are there any limitations to the number of books I can interact with on Konjer?
Does Konjer offer any support or user guides?
Can I use Konjer for educational or research purposes?
Does Konjer update its library with new books regularly?


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