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Auto-generate beautiful product presentations in seconds
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Korl makes product communications to internal stakeholders and customers more effective and much less time-consuming.

It syncs and analyzes project data from sources such as Jira, Linear, and documents in Google Docs, Notion, or Confluence. Then it auto-generates consumable roadmap presentations and product updates, each tailored to a common use case and audience.

When you create a presentation or product update in Korl, it auto-populates the latest project data and enhances it with AI. Users have the flexibility to choose from different out-of-the-box templates as well as customize content with just a few clicks.

Common use cases include customer presentations, internal stakeholder updates, all hands meetings, weekly status reports, and sprint priority reviews.

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Pros and Cons


JIRA integration
Google Drive integration
Figma integration
Efficient data summarization
Tailored product presentations
Multiple use-case adaptability
Customizable templates
Rapid stakeholder alignment
Automated content generation
Internal and external audience adaptation
Easy transition from spreadsheets
Collaborative functionality


Limited integration options
Lacks real-time collaboration
Limited customization options
No in-built data storage
Dependence on third-party tools
No offline access
No mobile app
Lacks versioning control
No API for integration
Lack of advanced analytics


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Can Korl sync data and auto-generate content about items on the roadmap?

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