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Kraftful is an AI-based tool aimed at facilitating product development by deriving valuable insights from customer feedback. The tool leverages advanced analytics to dissect feedback from a range of sources including reviews, surveys, support tickets, and calls.

It aids in understanding user needs, identifying recurring issues, detecting trends, and subsequently improving the product. Kraftful also features a sentiment analysis tool that helps capture customer emotions regarding your product.

A unique feature of Kraftful is its proprietary hallucination detection technology purported to increase the accuracy of feedback analysis. Other functionalities include auto-organization of insights into projects, allowing PRDs to be written based on these insights.

The tool can generate user stories for your team to work on in Jira, Linear, or directly in Kraftful. It also includes a feature for automatically generating surveys in seconds based on past feedback or a specific topic of interest.

The platform's language preference option ensures that the feedback summaries are auto-translated to your team's language. Additionally, Kraftful facilitates collaboration by allowing team members to share insights and work together on the platform.


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Pros and Cons


GPT-3 Powered Solutions
Trusted by innovative companies
Analyzes user feedback
Estimates user needs
Tracks user sentiment
Measures product impact
Competitive user analysis
Saves hundreds of hours
Achieves product-market fit swiftly
Advanced analytics capabilities
Customer sentiment analysis
Proprietary hallucination detection
Issue identification
Trend prediction
User needs comprehension
Auto-organizes insights
Creates surveys
Generates user stories
Understands multiple languages
Facilitates team collaboration
Equipped for project management
Accurate feedback analysis
Easy to use
Grants insights into products
Improves product development
Generates summaries in user's language
Automatic feedback translation
Feedback summaries to Slack
Auto-sorts data by relevance
Exports to Jira
Captures customer emotions
Feedback project auto-organization
Facilitates international communication
Data Triangulation
Summarize customer insights
Integrates with multiple platforms
Customizable surveys
Simplifies feedback management
Translates volumes of feedback
Customer interview facilitation
Promotes customer involvement
High response rate for surveys
Improves product research
Provides product best practices
Supports multiple languages
Organizes feedback
Data analyzed from various sources
Translates feedback summaries
Validates analysis with hallucination detection
Compatible with feedback sources
Auto-analyzes survey responses


No offline mode
No mobile application
No free version
No live chat support
Lack of training resources
Limited integration options
Possibility of hallucination errors
Language translation limitations
Potential misinterpretation of sentiment


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Does Kraftful support collaboration within my team?
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How does Kraftful assist with project organization?
How does Kraftful help me understand my users' needs?
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What type of insights can Kraftful provide from customer feedback?
Can Kraftful translate feedback summaries into my team's language?
What is Kraftful's feature for auto-generating surveys?
How does Kraftful assist with issue identification and trend detection?
Can Kraftful write PRDs based on the insights it provides?
Does Kraftful offer a free plan?
Can Kraftful generate user stories for my team to work on in external tools?
Can I use Kraftful to send weekly feedback summaries to Slack?
Can Kraftful analyze feedback from a range of sources including reviews, surveys, support tickets, and calls?

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