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Optimized sales call analysis to improve performance.
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Krecicki is a sales consulting solution that aims to help salespersons and coaches create superhuman sales closers. The tool records and transcribes sales calls to provide a detailed analysis of what was said during the call, including accurate voice-to-text transcription.

Using artificial intelligence, the tool highlights patterns in the call and provides suggestions on what could have been done better to close the sale.

Krecicki then generates a personalized report with over 30 tips specifically tailored to the individual user. Krecicki provides a ‘how to record calls’ tutorial for both iPhone and Android users, as users must record at least five of their calls so that Krecicki can provide an accurate analysis.

The report generated by Krecicki is delivered in a PDF format, complete with detailed findings on the sales call analysis. Krecicki charges $30 per call analysis, making it an economical option for small businesses and individual sales professionals looking to improve their sales closing strategies.

Overall, Krecicki is a useful tool for managing and optimizing sales calls with the help of AI-generated personalized insights.


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2 alternatives to Krecicki for Sales call analysis

Pros and Cons


Cost per call analysis
Requires recording own calls
Provides only PDF reports
Analysis limited by transcription accuracy
Depends on third-party recording apps
No direct integration with call platforms
Requires minimum 5 calls for accuracy
Personalized tips may not extrapolate
No mobile app specified
Limited tutorial for call recording


What is Krecicki?
How does Krecicki work?
What is the cost of Krecicki's call analysis?
What is included in Krecicki's sales call analysis report?
How does Krecicki use AI in sales call analysis?
What is required from me so that Krecicki can analyze my sales calls?
How many calls do I need to record for Krecicki's analysis?
Does Krecicki provide instructions on how to record calls on iPhone?
How can I record calls on an Android phone for Krecicki?
In what format will I receive my Krecicki report?
What makes the tips supplied by Krecicki personalized?
What kind of businesses can benefit from using Krecicki?
What are some examples of patterns Krecicki's AI might highlight?
What is the goal of Krecicki's sales call analysis?
How accurate is Krecicki's voice-to-text transcription?
Can Krecicki help with closing strategies?
What benefits does Krecicki offer to sales coaches?
Why does Krecicki deliver the report in PDF format?
Does Krecicki provide a sample report for users to review beforehand?
What support can I expect from Krecicki if I face any problems?

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