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Created animated characters for developers.
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Krikey AI is an AI gaming tool that enables developers to create animated avatars and animations. It uses advanced AI technology to generate avatars and animations based on user input.

This AI tool offers a public gallery of animations which includes swimming, taichi, walkcircle, wave, yoga, zombie, kickball, cartwheel, dance, dribble, handstand, jumpingjacks, kick, moonwalk, pitch, pushup, sit, spin, stretch, swimming, taichi, walkcircle, wave, yoga, zombie, kickball, cartwheel, dance, dribble, handstand, and jumpingjacks animations.

Krikey AI also provides SDKs for product development, AI assets, and pricing for both SDKs and AI assets. It comes with an FAQ, support, and documentation for users to get started.

Krikey AI is an excellent tool for developers to create animations and avatars quickly and easily.


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Krikey AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 18th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Public gallery of animations
Supports various animations
SDKs for developers
Transparent pricing
Comprehensive documentation
Dedicated support
FAQ available
Assists in avatar creation
Mobile Augmented Reality support
User-input based animations
Multiple use-cases
Guidance for exporting animations
Instructions for editing animations
Facility to purchase credits
High user demand support


Requires JavaScript
Potential wait times
Limited animation gallery
No free version mentioned
Asset purchase necessary
Unclear SDK functionality
Repeated animations in gallery
Limited avatar customization
Lack of diverse animations
Potential lack of support


What is Krikey AI?
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Can developers use Krikey AI for product development?
Does Krikey AI provide SDKs?
What is the cost of using Krikey AI's SDKs and AI assets?
Where can I find documentation for Krikey AI?
How does Krikey AI generate avatars based on user input?
What kind of support does Krikey AI provide to its users?
What are the benefits of using Krikey AI for game development?
Do I need to know JavaScript to use Krikey AI?
How can I buy credits on Krikey AI?
How can I export animations created by Krikey AI?
Can Krikey AI animations be used in mobile augmented reality?
How long might it take to generate an animation with Krikey AI?
Are there any limitations on what animations Krikey AI can create?
Where can I find Krikey AI's terms of service and privacy policy?
How can I get started with using Krikey AI?


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