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Automated meeting summary & noise-free calls for pros.
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Krisp is an AI tool that automatically removes background noises from incoming and outgoing calls, helping users to increase their productivity by having noise-free conference calls from anywhere.

With just a single button, Krisp eliminates all types of background noise, both common and unusual, from various environments such as cafes, home offices, and public spaces.

Krisp also offers an AI Meeting Assistant that automatically transcribes and summarizes online meetings, enabling easy sharing of meeting notes and creating ready-to-use templates for generating and sharing discussion points, meeting summaries, and action items with other participants.

The solution comes with free unlimited transcriptions, automatic summarization, and a bot-free, non-intrusive experience. Krisp works with any voice app and does not require additional plugins or extensions.

The tool has a mix of use cases, which include contact centers, enterprises, and developers who can use Krisp's SDK to integrate noise cancellation functionalities into their own applications.

Krisp has received several awards, including Cool Vendor in Digital Workplace Programs and Applications recognition by Gartner, America's Most Promising AI Companies award by Forbes, People's Voice Winner in Productivity & Collaboration by Webby, and the Leader in Noise Cancellation and Voice Recognition by G2.

Krisp ensures the highest level of security around user data by processing everything locally, which means that voice conversations never leave the user's device.

Transcripts and meeting summaries are also secured and only accessible to the owner unless explicitly shared with others.


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Krisp AI Meeting Assistant was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 4th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Removes all background noise
One button operation
Works in any environment
Automatic meeting transcriptions
Automated meeting summaries
Creates ready-to-use templates
Free unlimited transcriptions
Bot-free experience
Works with any voice app
No additional plugins or extensions needed
Multiple use cases
SDK for noise cancellation integration
Award winning tool
Processes data locally
Transcripts secured and only accessible to owner
Meeting notes sharing option
Compatible for contact centers and developers
Long & short meeting summaries
Automatic capture of action items
Discussion item generation
Ready-to-use note templates
Automatic calendar integration for note sharing
Notes stored locally, ensuring privacy
Important decisions and commitments highlighting
Easy tracking of all follow-ups and action items
Enables focus on decision-making and problem solving
Availability of meeting owners, leaders, managers and consultants
Helps in informed decision making
Helps keep team updated about key decisions
Enhances accountability and alignment across team
Compatibility with all voice apps
Pause and resume the transcription functionality
High level of security around data
Deletion of transcriptions or meeting summaries completely wipes out from infrastructure
Reminder shown bit before the call starts to notify others about transcription
Facilitates easy sharing and collaboration
Improves productivity by having professional conference calls
Facilitates improved focus by automating note taking process
Secured transcripts and meeting notes
Flexible transaction settings
Customer-friendly privacy features


What exactly does Krisp AI Meeting Assistant do?
How does Krisp remove background noise from calls?
Can Krisp AI Meeting Assistant transcribe and summarize my online meetings?
Will Krisp work with any voice application?
How secure is Krisp? Does it store my voice conversation data?
Can I use Krisp for free?
What specific use cases does Krisp cater to?
How do Krisp's automatic meeting transcriptions and summaries work?
Can Krisp integrate noise cancellation into my own applications?
Are the meeting transcriptions and summaries made by Krisp accessible to anyone else?
Can I pause or resume the transcription during my meeting?
What happens if I delete my meeting transcripts or summaries?
What awards has Krisp won?
Can Krisp work without any extra plugins or extensions?
Does Krisp work in noisy environments (cafes, public spaces etc.)?
How does Krisp ensure the highest level of security around user data?
Do the voice conversations processed by Krisp leave my device?
Can developers use Krisp's SDK to incorporate its features into their own applications?
What are the benefits of using Krisp AI Meeting Assistant?
What establishments trust and use Krisp AI Meeting Assistant?


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