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Software that blocks background noise during calls.
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Krisp is an AI-powered noise-canceling app designed to make online meetings and calls more effective. It removes background noise, such as voices, noises, and echo, to allow for distraction-free conversations.

The app also provides insights into talk time, meeting engagement, and call summaries. It is powered by AI and is trusted by leading global brands. Krisp works on both Mac and Windows, and is easy to use with a single click.

It does not collect audio data and all data is encrypted for secure transmission. The app also has a magical new feature, background voice cancellation, that eliminates voices of people near you.

Finally, Krisp also provides helpful insights at the end of every call to help users reflect and assess the call's effectiveness.


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Krisp was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 18th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Background noise elimination
Background voice cancellation
Ease of use with one click
Provides talk time insights
Provides meeting engagement insights
Offers call summaries
Compatible with Mac and Windows
Does not collect audio data
Data transmission is encrypted
Provides post-call reflective insights
Works with any online communication solution
Voice processing done on device
Uses secure connections such as SOC-2, Google OAuth, and SAML
Variety of noise types cancellation
Insights and data for user improvement
Endorses productivity and clear communication
Acknowledged with world-class recognition and awards
Provides enhanced call experience
Used by leading global brands
Offers enhanced functionality and personalisation


No Linux or Chrome OS support
Data encryption unspecified
Insight data accuracy unclear
No multi-language support
Takes up processing power
Voice cancellation sometimes faulty
Lacks fine-tuning options
Call insight functionality limited
Issues with certain microphones
Integration range unknown


What is Krisp?
How does Krisp eliminate background noise during calls?
Can Krisp be used on both Mac and Windows?
How does Krisp ensure users' data privacy and security?
What is the 'background voice cancellation' feature in Krisp?
What kind of insights does Krisp provide after each call?
What does it mean that Krisp is powered by AI?
How does Krisp's 'AI speaking assistant' work?
What types of noise can Krisp cancel out?
Which online communication platforms is Krisp compatible with?
How does Krisp process user's voice?
Can Krisp be used for improving user's communication skills over time?
Is it possible to try Krisp for free?
How does Krisp reflect on user's performance and evaluate the effectiveness of calls?
Do user's voices leave their device when using Krisp?
What is Krisp's 'call summary' feature?
What types of noise does Krisp's 'try different noise types' feature demonstrate?
How do I get started with Krisp?
What organizations trust and use Krisp?
Does Krisp offer solutions specifically designed for enterprises and developers?


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