Document processing 2023-09-13
Streamlines data extraction and workflow for businesses.
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Kudra is an AI-powered document processing solution designed for busy entrepreneurs. It offers tailored and precise document processing solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Kudra's AI is capable of learning and adapting to your industry and business needs, saving you time on document-related tasks. It handles document automation, allowing you to focus on your core business without spending hours on manual data entry.With Kudra, you can easily extract relevant information from various types of documents, such as invoices, receipts, bills, contracts, reports, and court cases.

It simplifies document processing by automatically pulling out important information, reducing the need for manual data entry.Kudra enables you to implement custom workflows using its easy drag-and-drop workflow creation feature, eliminating the need for coding skills.

It also offers smart document flow automation, allowing you to effortlessly upload, extract, and categorize data from your documents, all the way to exporting them in your preferred format.Furthermore, Kudra provides document AI consulting services to help you automate your document processing at scale.

They offer custom AI solutions to extract data, summarize documents, and eliminate hours of data entry. Kudra integrates advanced AI models to enhance document processing capabilities for complex unstructured document types.

It also offers seamless integration with popular tools like QuickBooks and Power Automate.Overall, Kudra is a powerful tool for document management and processing, offering efficiency, accuracy, and cost reduction for businesses in various industries.


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Feb 24, 2024
Way too expensive! 300 - 600 or 1000$ per month !

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