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Personalized CRM for email marketing.
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Kundy is an innovative AI-powered customer contact and CRM system that utilizes GPT technology. It offers Kundy-touch, a personalized direct email marketing platform that automates a personal approach.

Kundy connects your sales with your ideal customers by identifying and studying their online behavior using advanced AI techniques. It then crafts personalized emails that present your products and services, resulting in genuine engagement and increased visibility.

By avoiding an automated look, Kundy's emails are more likely to bypass spam filters and capture the attention of recipients.With Kundy, you can easily target specific segments based on company location, branch, and size from a database of over 750K Swedish companies across 1400 categories.

This allows you to scale the power of AI for larger outreach efforts. Kundy also provides a platform for managing email deliveries, generating detailed reports, and tracking the performance of your email campaigns.

You can gain valuable insights into how your recipients are reacting to your messages.In summary, Kundy is a powerful tool that combines AI technology with personalized email marketing to enhance customer engagement and drive sales.

It enables businesses to effectively reach and communicate with their ideal customers while bypassing common email filters. With its robust database and comprehensive reporting, Kundy empowers sales teams to optimize their outreach strategies and boost overall productivity.


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Pros and Cons


Personalized direct email marketing
Automates personal approach
Identifies ideal customers
Studies customer online behavior
Bypasses spam filters
Targets based on company details
Database of 750K+ Swedish companies
1400 categories of companies
Email delivery management
Generates detailed reports
Tracks email campaign performance
Insights into recipient reactions
Enhances customer engagement
Drives sales
Boosts sales team productivity
Ideal for Swedish market
GPT technology for CRM
CRM system integration
Visibility enhancement
Avoids automated email look
Segment-based targeting
Platform for managing deliveries


Targets mainly Swedish market
Limited to email marketing
Risk of over-personalization
Relies on quality database
No multilingual support
Lack of integrations
No mobile application
Limited customer support
Potential privacy issues
No omnichannel support


What is Kundy?
How does Kundy use AI technology?
What is Kundy-touch?
How does Kundy identify ideal customers?
How does Kundy approach email personalization?
Can Kundy bypass spam filters?
What kind of companies can I target with Kundy?
Does Kundy have a database I can use for my email campaigns?
What type of reports does Kundy generate?
How can I track the performance of my email campaigns with Kundy?
How is Kundy different from other email marketing tools?
What is the capacity of Kundy's outreach?
Can Kundy improve customer engagement?
Does Kundy offer any targeting based on company parameters?
What specific AI methods does Kundy use?
Is Kundy available for international companies or only Swedish companies?
How can Kundy enhance customer engagement?
What features does Kundy have to increase visibility for my products or services?
Do Kundy's emails look like regular, person-to-person communication?
What insights can I gain about my recipients with Kundy?

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