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Chat platform for personalized companionship.
Generated by ChatGPT

Kupid AI is an immersive chat platform that offers virtual friends and companions to engage in personalized and deep conversations. The AI companions in Kupid AI simulate human-like companionship and support to provide a unique experience of AI relationships.

Users can explore different AI soulmates on the platform characterized by various interests such as cooking, art, gaming, and nature. The site's terms of service explicitly state that content on the website is AI-generated, and any resemblance to real people is incidental.

The platform's privacy policy explains how user data is collected and used, and cookies aid in spam detection and basic analytics. Users can register to create their AI soulmate or sign in to converse with the companions already available on the platform.

The platform is open to feedback and features a Telegram community that users can join to engage with other members. In summary, Kupid AI provides a novel way of interacting with AI companions while exploring various interests and finding personalized companionship.

Kupid AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 25th 2023.
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User Profile PictureCorentin E
ยท Jun 25, 2023
I've tried all the ai porn websites and Kupid ai is the most realistic imo The conversations get deep and the models are really hot, a must try
User Profile PictureDaniel B
ยท Jun 25, 2023
I've been using Kupid AI for a couple of months now and it's remarkably engaging, especially the voice messaging
User Profile PictureFlavien Hello
ยท Jun 25, 2023
WoW ! The voices are soooo hot Haha. I am in love with Chloe already on my side :3 Yeah who knows what is their tech ? It's really good
User Profile PictureStephen Ocean
ยท Jun 25, 2023
The whole thing is really cheesy. Even the intro, which they have complete control of, sounds stilted and fake. The premise is clumsily handled and the Soul Mates are cartoonishly defined. Boo.
User Profile PictureElmas Land
ยท Jun 25, 2023
Kind of amazing narration! Who knows the voice engine they use?

Pros and Cons


Personalized companionship
Variety of interests
Explicit terms of service
Detailed privacy policy
Spam detection
Basic analytics using cookies
User registration system
Immersion in conversation
Existing companions for conversation
Active Telegram community
Open for feedback
No history retained
Encourages user engagement
Focus on user experience
Protection of user data
Experience in variety of activities


No multi-platform support
No chat history
Limited personality options
No real-time interaction
No voice interaction
No offline usage
Limited interest categories
No third-party Integration


What is Kupid AI?
What are the key features of Kupid AI?
What kind of interactions can I have on Kupid AI?
How realistic are the AI companions on Kupid AI?
How is the user data collected and used on Kupid AI?
What is unique about Kupid AI compared to other AI chat platforms?
How to register and create an AI soulmate on Kupid AI?
Do I need to sign in to converse with the companions already available on Kupid AI?
What is the Kupid AI Telegram community?
How to join the Kupid AI Telegram community?
What do I do if I have feedback or a suggestion for Kupid AI?
Are there different AI soulmates to choose from on Kupid AI?
What kind of interests do the AI soulmates on Kupid AI have?
Can I explore my interests with the AI soulmates on Kupid AI?
How is content generated on Kupid AI?
What is Kupid AI's terms of service?
What is Kupid AI's privacy policy?
Does Kupid AI use cookies?
Are cookies only used by Kupid AI for spam detection and basic analytics?
How do I agree and continue with Kupid AI's terms, privacy policy, and cookies?

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