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Video editing and transcription with voice cloning.
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KwiCut is a text-based video editing tool powered by AI technology. With KwiCut, users can effortlessly transcribe, clone, and enhance voices, transforming the content creation process.

The tool allows users to easily refine their transcriptions using the KwiCut AI Copilot feature, which is powered by GPT-4.0. This feature helps users polish their social media content and more.

One of the key features of KwiCut is its ability to edit videos seamlessly, treating them like text. Users can select any text from their transcripts, and the tool will instantly jump to the exact moment in the video where the word is spoken.

This eliminates the need to rely on timestamps, making the editing process more efficient. Users can edit, highlight, or delete sections of their videos according to their preferences.

Additionally, KwiCut offers an AI Voice Cloner feature that allows users to create a digital replica of their voice. This can be done by typing out scripts or selecting from a collection of professional voice samples.

This feature saves time and effort in reshooting content, enabling users to focus on audio creation. Furthermore, KwiCut's AI technology detects and eliminates filler words from transcripts, such as "Uuum," "Uuuh," "Eeer," or "Aaah." This helps make the content sound more polished and professional.

Overall, KwiCut offers a powerful and user-friendly solution for text-based video editing, transcription, voice cloning, and filler word removal, enabling users to elevate their videos with ease.


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