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Kyligence Copilot is an AI tool designed to assist users in analyzing key performance indicators (KPIs) and generating business summaries. Acting as an AI agent, it leverages data to identify high-risk tasks and provides suggestions similar to a domain expert.

With Kyligence Copilot, users can communicate with their business metrics in an intuitive manner, even without technical expertise. This tool offers several features to enhance data analysis.

It facilitates auto root cause analysis, enabling users to stay ahead of potential business issues by quickly understanding fluctuations in metrics and uncovering underlying causes within the data.

Additionally, Kyligence Copilot helps align metrics with business objectives, allowing users to identify off-track goals and take appropriate action.By eliminating the need for SQL queries and manual analytics, this AI copilot enables effortless metric search and analysis.

Users can interact with the tool through chat queries, and it provides insights based on those conversations.Kyligence Copilot can be seamlessly integrated into various applications or SaaS platforms, allowing users to access its functionality wherever required.

The tool is powered by Azure OpenAI services, ensuring secure and responsible AI experiences. It can be utilized as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) online or deployed securely in a virtual private cloud (VPC).Overall, Kyligence Copilot simplifies the way users interact with and analyze their data, enabling them to make metrics-driven decisions and gain valuable insights for their business.


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Pros and Cons


Analyzes key performance indicators
Generates business summaries
Identifies high-risk tasks
Provides expert-like suggestions
Facilitates auto root cause analysis
Quick understanding of metric fluctuations
Uncovers root causes within data
Aligns metrics with business objectives
Identifies off-track goals
Requires no SQL queries
Requires no manual analytics
Employs chat queries
Interprets insights from chat conversations
Seamless integration into applications and SaaS
Accessible wherever required
Capable of SaaS online deployment
Can be deployed in VPC
Simplifies interaction with data
Supports metrics-driven decisions


No mention of multilingual support
Requires data uploading
Limited to SaaS or VPC
Specific to KPI analysis
SQL query knowledge not utilized
Potential issues with seamless integration
Limited communication method (chat)


What is the main functionality of Kyligence Copilot?
How can Kyligence Copilot assist in KPI analysis?
What kind of tasks can Kyligence Copilot identify as high-risk?
How does Kyligence Copilot help in making metrics-driven decisions?
Can I use Kyligence Copilot without technical expertise?
How does the auto root cause analysis feature work in Kyligence Copilot?
Does Kyligence Copilot allow interaction through chat?
Can I integrate Kyligence Copilot into other applications?
What platforms support Kyligence Copilot?
Is Kyligence Copilot powered by Azure OpenAI services?
Can Kyligence Copilot uncover underlying data causes?
How does Kyligence Copilot align metrics with business objectives?
How secure is my data with Kyligence Copilot?
Can Kyligence Copilot be used as a SaaS?
Can I deploy Kyligence Copilot in a Virtual Private Cloud?
What is the process for starting to use Kyligence Copilot?
Does Kyligence Copilot provide insights based on chat queries?
Do I need SQL queries or manual analytics with Kyligence Copilot?
How can Kyligence Copilot assist with business objectives?
What is the process to integrate Kyligence Copilot in my application?

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