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LLM engine streamlines software development.
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Lamini is an AI-powered LLM engine designed for enterprise software development. This tool utilizes generative AI and machine learning to streamline software development processes and increase productivity.

With Lamini's unique features, engineering teams can create their own LLM based on their data, outperforming general-purpose LLMs. Lamini's advanced RLHF and fine-tuning capabilities ensure that engineering teams have a competitive advantage in generating new models based on complex criteria that matter most to them.

Lamini is a user-friendly tool that enables software engineers to rapidly ship new versions with an API call without worrying about hosting or running out of compute.

The tool provides a library that any software engineer can use to create their own LLMs. Additionally, it allows for the creation of entirely new models based on unique data, beyond prompt-tuning and fine-tuning.

Lamini is committed to providing powerful, efficient, and highly functional AI tools to every company, regardless of size. With a focus on putting data to work, Lamini is paving the way for the future of software development.

Whether it is automating workflows or streamlining the software development process, Lamini ensures that companies leverage the power of AI to create a competitive edge.


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Lamini was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 29th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Streamlines software development
Increases productivity
Creates personalized LLM
Outperforms general-purpose LLMs
Advanced RLHF capabilities
Fast model shipping
No need for hosting
Unlimited compute
User-friendly interface
Supports unique data
Enables entirely new models
Library for software engineers
Suits companies of all sizes
Data-driven approach
Automates workflows
Reduces prompt-tuning
Fine-tuning on user's data


Dependent on user's data
No explicit mention of scalability
Limited to software development
Possibility of exceeding compute
Undefined RLHF process
Limited access, waiting list
No mentioned support for non-developers
Unknown security measures
No listed pricing information


What is Lamini?
What are the unique features of Lamini?
How does Lamini streamline software development processes?
How does Lamini increase productivity?
How can I create my own LLM with Lamini?
What is RLHF in the context of Lamini?
What are the advantages of using Lamini for enterprise software development?
How user-friendly is Lamini?
How can I rapidly ship new versions using Lamini?
What capabilities does Lamini provide beyond prompt-tuning and fine-tuning?
How inclusive is Lamini for companies of different sizes?
How does Lamini leverage the power of AI?
What does it mean to connect an Enterprise Data Warehouse with Lamini?
How can I automate workflows using Lamini?
How does Lamini outperform general purpose LLMs?
What is the benefit of building and owning LLMs based on unique data with Lamini?
What does 'never worry about hosting or running out of compute' mean in Lamini's context?
Can I create new model based on complex criteria with Lamini?
Does Lamini provide a library for software engineers?
How can I join the Lamini waitlist?


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