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Conversation starter card game for groups.
Generated by ChatGPT

Lang Game is an AI-generated conversation card game designed to be enjoyed with friends and family. Using a swiping mechanism, users can select which cards should be part of their personalized deck.

These cards are grouped into different categories such as Ice Breaker, Philosophy, Deep Talk, Education, Self Exploration, Relationship, Entrepreneurship, Science, and Startup.

These cards provide topics and conversation starters to be used during game play. The game is available for pre-order for $25 and comes with a set of 20 cards.

Users can also add their own questions to the deck. The game helps to facilitate meaningful conversations and encourages users to explore new topics.


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Pros and Cons


Personalized deck creation
Swiping mechanism
Variety of topics
Conversation starter feature
Self input questions
Pre-order availability
Facilitates meaningful conversations
Encourages exploration of new topics
Multiple card categories
$25 for 20 cards
Easy insertion of cards
Undo feature
Integrated FAQ


Limited number of cards
No multiplayer option
Lacks category customization
No real-time interaction
No digital version
Inability to delete cards
Limited topic flexibility
Expensive for the amount of cards
Missing integration with digital platforms
No free or trial version


What is the Langame?
How does Langame work?
What is the price of Langame?
What topics are covered in the Langame card game?
Can I add my own questions to the Langame deck?
How do I create a personalized deck in Langame?
How does the swiping mechanism in Langame work?
What does the Langame card game consist of?
Can I undo or edit my choices on Langame?
Does Langame support group play?
How many cards come with the purchase of Langame?
What is the purpose of the Langame?
Can I pre-order Langame?
Does Langame facilitate in meaningful conversations?
What type of cards are present in Langame?
In what way does Langame encourage users to explore new topics?
Is Langame designed for both friends and family?
How does Langame generate conversation starters?
What is the minimum number of cards needed to order Langame?
How do I open the main menu on Langame?

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