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Automated business processes for increased productivity.
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Lasso AI Automations is a robotic process automation tool that uses GPT3 guided Computer Vision for Chrome. It simplifies operations automation by automating various business processes, with capabilities for automating anything.

The tool is designed to help companies improve their operations, reduce errors, and save time, thereby increasing efficiency and productivity. It features various automation solutions for finance, operations, sales/marketing, and testing and QA.

Lasso automates payment processing, invoice matching, financial report generation, and seamless bank integration with software such as Quickbooks, Stripe, SAP, Xero, Bill.com, and more.

It also offers inventory management for automated tracking using NetSuite, Fishbowl, Zoho Inventory, and more. Lasso provides RPA-driven fulfillment, CRM management for automated order and invoice handling across Salesforce, Hubspot, and Notion.

The tool also streamlines email communications with automatic email response capabilities, automated filing of attachments, and automated note-taking for reduced errors and mismanagement.

Lasso provides both attended and unattended bots for personalized and enterprise-level control in the automation process. Unattended bots are cloud-based bots that run processes in the background, while attended bots offer user-facing co-pilots for repetitive, complex, or manual tasks.

Lasso is fast, with automated processes completed within days rather than months, and at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional RPA software. Overall, Lasso AI Automations provides a comprehensive and efficient solution for businesses looking to automate their operations, reduce errors, and improve productivity.


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Pros and Cons


Automates varied business processes
GPT3 guided Computer Vision
Automation for finance, operations, sales/marketing, QA
Automates payment processing, invoice matching
Generates financial reports
Seamless bank integrations
Automates inventory management
CRM management for order and invoice handling
Automate email communications
Automated note-taking feature
Both attended and unattended bots
Processes completed in days
Less cost compared to traditional RPA
Open-ended integrations with Salesforce, Hubspot
Automatic email responses
Automated filing of attachments
Flexible automation for any platform
Rapid automation of tasks
Robotic process automation for Chrome
Offers visual change detection
Efficient data capturing and transferring
Recurrent, cloud-based bot operations
User-facing co-pilots for complex tasks
Efficient and swift automation
Automation via extension or cloud solutions
Affordable compared to traditional RPA
Faster deployment and maintenance of automations
Allows text or video description for automation
Automated tracking with NetSuite, Fishbowl, Zoho Inventory
Fulfillment automation across ShipStation, ShippingEasy, ShipBob
Integration with Plaid, MX Technologies, Yodlee
Can automate anything a person can click on


Limited to Chrome
No self-building capabilities
Limited to attended/unattended bots
Potential compatibility issues
Dependent on third-party software
Limited automation options
No mentioned UI customization
Dependent on predefined processes
No apparent error handling
No standalone desktop application


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Does Lasso also provide automation solutions for operations?
How does Lasso help in detecting UI changes during QA testing?
How does Lasso AI improve efficiency and productivity in business operations?

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