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Creation and management of social media content.
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Lately is a comprehensive AI-powered platform designed to help users create and manage their social media content and programs. By connecting to Hootsuite, HubSpot Social, UpContent, and other integrations, users can conveniently access content and extend their social media reach.

The platform includes AI Content Writer, Social Analytics, Social Media Marketing, Social Selling, and Video Autogenerator tools. The AI Content Writer automatically creates and pre-tests content for social media programs.

The Social Analytics informs content strategy and makes the content more engaging with the help of content analytics. The Social Media Marketing and Social Selling tools enable users to scale their social media marketing, extend content across executives, sales, employees, franchises, etc., and create bite-sized social media video clips and social media posts.

The platform is suitable for enterprises, small businesses, and social media agencies of any size, as well as any industry, such as technology, professional services, financial services, media & entertainment, news & public agencies, consumer brands, education, healthcare & pharma.


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Lately AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 4th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Hootsuite, HubSpot, UpContent integration
Cross-industry applicability
Comprehensive social content management
Auto content creation
Pre-testing for content
Informs content strategy
Enables extensive content scaling
Creates social media video clips
Utility for various business sizes
Social analytics
Social media marketing tools
Social selling tool
Video Autogenerator
Content Management Software
Enables professional social presence
Converts long-form content
Learns brand voice for conversion
Intelligent work repurposing
Boosts engagement with parent-child accounts
Efficient social media publishing
Creates high-performing transformative content
Generates social content
Helps with social selling
Unlocks longform content power
Autogenerates multiple social posts
Easily manageable parent-child social accounts
Social content creation in English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, German
Professional services for content betterment
Automatic content extension
Enables cross-region quality messaging
Extension for Chrome available
Has global enterprise solutions
Offers distributed social solutions
Customizable for small businesses
Offers industry-specific solutions


Lacks multilingual content support
No native mobile application
Limited integration options
No detailed Users Manual
No platform usage analytics
Limited to text/video content
No audience segmentation features
Rare update cycles
High learning curve


What is Lately AI?
How does Lately AI create social media content?
What does the AI Content Writer feature of Lately do?
Can Lately AI integrate with platforms like Hootsuite and HubSpot Social?
What is the Social Media Marketing tool in Lately for?
How does the Video Autogenerator in Lately function?
Is Lately AI suitable for small businesses?
Can Lately AI be used by social media agencies?
Does Lately AI work with different industries?
What does the Social Selling tool in Lately do?
How does the Social Analytics feature in Lately help in improving content strategy?
Is Lately AI limited to English or does it support other languages?
Can I manage multiple social media accounts with Lately AI?
Does Lately AI help in repurposing longform content?
How does Lately AI ensure quality social media messaging across every region, product, and brand?
Can I generate social media posts for different channels using Lately?
What industries is Lately AI designed for?
How does Lately AI help in creating consistently engaging content?
What is the functionality of the Autogenerator Chrome Extension provided by Lately AI?
Can Lately AI help spread news across social media more efficiently?

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