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Automatic video content creation from long-form media.
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Latte Social is an AI-powered platform designed to quickly create engaging video content from long form videos, podcasts, and webinars. With the click of a button, the AI will select the most interesting parts of the video, add subtitles, and reformat it into vertical.

This saves time and money compared to hiring a video editor and using traditional editing software. It is also designed to be intuitive and easy to use, so anyone can create professional-looking content without any prior experience.

The platform is backed by Europe's top investors, and it is the perfect tool for creators, marketers, and agencies looking to increase the reach of their long form videos or podcasts.

With Latte Social, users can automate their content production and distribution, and transform their Zoom calls into engaging content.


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Latte was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 26th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automates video content creation
Selects engaging parts automatically
Adds subtitles automatically
Converts to vertical format
Cost saving
User-friendly interface
Doesn't require video editing experience
Transforms long form videos
Transforms podcasts into videos
Transforms webinars into videos
Automates content production
Automates content distribution
Transforms Zoom calls into content
Supported by renowned investors
Targets creators, marketers, agencies
Enhances reach of long-content
30 times cheaper than hiring editor
20 times faster than traditional software
Self-learning algorithm for content selection
Creates social-first videos
Able to extract best parts
iOS app available
Saves time in content production
Endless use cases
Zero learning curve
Expert founding team
London based company


Only for long-form media
Limited editing functions
Automatic selection, less control
Unique orientation (vertical)
iOS app only
Dependent on internet connection
Potential security issues (cloud)
Only English language support
No API for integration
No free version available


What is Latte Social?
How does Latte Social use AI to create video content?
Can Latte Social add subtitles to my videos?
How does Latte Social reformat videos into vertical?
Can anyone use Latte Social or do I need prior experience?
Who are the investors backing Latte Social?
What type of content can I create with Latte Social?
How can Latte Social help increase the reach of my long form videos?
Can Latte Social transform my Zoom calls into engaging content?
How does Latte Social automate content production and distribution?
How much does it cost to use Latte Social?
Is there a free trial available for Latte Social?
What is the difference between using Latte Social and hiring a professional video editor?
Can I use Latte Social on my iOS device?
How is Latte Social different from traditional editing software like Final Cut or Premiere Pro?
How does Latte Social ensure that my content stands out from my competitors?
Who are the typical users of Latte Social?
Does Latte Social have a learning curve?
Why does Latte Social claim to be better than my competition?
Does Latte Social extract the best parts of my video content automatically?

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