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Transform your documents into workflows
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Layup is a purposeful tool that converts unstructured documents into structured workflows. It uses AI algorithms to extract, classify, and analyze data from any type of document.

This includes diverse file formats like XLSX, PNG, TXT, IMG, DOCX, HTML, and PDF. Instead of manually reviewing and processing vast amounts of documents, Layup automatically accomplishes this task making it efficient and cost-effective.

Once the data is extracted, Layup feeds it directly into customizable workflows. Automated processing leads to generating strategic, actionable insights.

The raw data captured from documents is therefore transformed into a valuable and usable output. In terms of integration, Layup can be incorporated into an organization's existing systems, or even embedded into their product.

For enhanced security, the tool offers granular permissioning options, on-premises solutions, and strictly adheres to data security standards. Through this tool, collaboration on workflows becomes possible due to its multiplayer support.

It also supports the creation and enrichment of workflow templates based on the company's growing knowledge base. The tool is designed for scalable deployment and can comfortably handle the processing of large numbers of documents.Overall, Layup is an AI-powered tool built to optimize document-heavy organizations by freeing them from manual document review, delivering automated, insightful analysis, and enabling seamless end-to-end automation.


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Layup was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 13th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Converts unstructured documents to workflows
Extracts, classifies, analyzes data
Supports diverse file formats
Automates document processing
Cost-effective solution
Direct data feed into workflows
Generates strategic, actionable insights
Can be integrated into systems
Embeddable into products
Offers granular permissioning
On-premises solutions available
Strict adherence to data security
Multiplayer support for collaboration
Creates, enriches workflow templates
Scalable deployment
Large document volume processing
Automates document review
End-to-end document automation
No-code interface
Consumer-grade design
Designed for non-IT users
Flexibility for deployment
Transforms raw data into output
Simplify work processing
Tracks document-derived trends
SOC II compliance (pending)
Allows detailed permission assigning
Facilitates external product embedding
Supports workflow template creation
Promotes inter-team collaboration
On-prem for secure data processing
Fast customer support
Direct line to engineering team


Unclear pricing
No OCR or parsing tools
No out-of-the-box integrations
Limited file format support
Dependent on data quality
Potential latency with large volumes
Possible complex customization
No explicit multi-language support
Requires technical setup
Limited permission management details


What is Layup?
How does Layup convert documents into structured workflows?
What file formats are supported by Layup?
How does Layup extract, classify, and analyze data?
Can Layup be incorporated into my organization's existing systems?
Is it possible to embed Layup into a product?
What security measures does Layup offer?
How does multiplayer support work within Layup?
Can I create and save workflow templates in Layup?
What's the scalability of Layup tool when it comes to processing large amounts of documents?
How does Layup automate the document review process?
How are the actionable insights generated by Layup?
Is Layup compatible with no-code interfaces?
Can Layup be integrated in my organization to streamline operations?
How can I embed Layup into my product?
Would it be possible to run Layup in my own cloud with on-premise solutions?
How does the granular permissioning in Layup work?
How does Layup ensure compliance with data security standards?
How does team collaboration work in Layup?
What support options are available for Layup users?

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