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Real Estate Leads for Investors.
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Leadflow is an AI-powered, data-driven lead generation software designed for real estate investors of all sizes. It offers a mobile app and a range of tools, including artificial intelligence, data analysis, filtering, marketing, and a comping engine.

The software comes with educational resources that are currently available for free.One of the key features of Leadflow is its AI-scored property leads.

Each property is assigned a sellability score ranging from 0 to 1,000, indicating its propensity to sell. The software categorizes leads into three types: retail, rental, and wholesale.

Retail leads are ideal for real estate agents, brokers, and investors, while rental leads are suitable for landlords and investors looking to expand their rental portfolios.

Wholesale leads are recommended for wholesalers, fix & flippers, and investors seeking discounted properties.Leadflow helps increase seller response rates by targeting leads with higher sellability scores.

Marketing to AI-scored leads has shown a 271% increase in response rates compared to general leads. The software allows users to filter leads based on their sellability scores, enabling a laser-focused marketing approach.In addition, Leadflow provides comprehensive real estate data and filtering tools.

Users can access abundant data on sellers, buyers, and private lenders, allowing them to make informed decisions before spending any marketing dollars.

By applying Leadflow's AI and filtering tools, users can narrow down the data to reveal the best real estate opportunities that align with their investment criteria.


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Pros and Cons


Mobile app availability
Uses artificial intelligence
Offers data analysis
Includes filtering tools
Marketing features available
Comping engine included
Free educational resources
Three types of leads: retail, rental, wholesale
Increased seller response rates in testing
Sophisticated lead filtering
Detailed real estate data access
Useful for different types of investors
Data on sellers, buyers, private lenders
Leads align with user investment criteria
Targeted marketing approach
Motivated leads identification
Helpful for landlords and wholesalers
Beneficial for real estate agents
Profitable for Airbnb/STR, brokers, mortgage brokers, appraisers
Direct mail, skip tracing and SMS campaigns


Limited to real estate industry
No API mentioned
Scoring scale unclear
Limited to three lead types
Not suited for non-investors
Weak customer support system
Lack of integration with other tools
Limited marketing tools
Limited data downloads
SMS marketing at extra cost

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