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Generated and enriched B2B sales emails.
Generated by ChatGPT

LeadIQ is an AI-powered email generator designed to help B2B sales teams improve their outreach efforts and book more sales meetings. It simplifies the process of composing personalized emails, by providing users with a suite of tools that enable them to quickly identify, capture and sync contact data to their CRM and sales tools.

It also helps track when to reach out to prospects or accounts based on key signals, and generate complete, personalized messages for any prospect within seconds.

LeadIQ also provides an AI-driven platform that refreshes Salesforce data over time with automatic enrichment, creating a “smarter” B2B contact database.

By using LeadIQ, users can stand out in the sea of generic, templated emails with personal prospecting that scales, eliminating writer’s block and allowing sales teams to prospect smarter and build pipeline faster.

LeadIQ has been praised by customers for its intuitive UI, simplicity and effective tools, and is estimated to save sales teams more than 600 hours per quarter.


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LeadIQ was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 13th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates B2B sales emails
Syncs with CRM and sales tools
Tracks when to reach out
Automatically enriches Salesforce data
Personalized prospecting at scale
Saves sales teams time
Intuitive UI
Quick contact data identification
Enables message personalization
Data accuracy over time
Supports unique prospecting
Automates email generation
Saves estimated 600 hours per quarter
Live chat support
Prospects' LinkedIn activity insights
Complete email drafts
Allows message customization
Validates prospecting data
Choice of value propositions
One-click prospect data capture
Tracks response rates


Limited to Salesforce integration
No multi-language support
No mobile app
UI challenges
Limited customization options
Dependence on LinkedIn
One-way sync to CRM
No A/B testing features
No phone support


What does LeadIQ do?
How does LeadIQ generate and enrich B2B sales emails?
How does LeadIQ's AI-powered tools help to sync data to CRMs and sales tools?
What features does LeadIQ provide to help track when to reach out to prospects?
What is meant by 'automatic enrichment' in LeadIQ's AI-driven platform?
How does LeadIQ help to stand out in a sea of generic, templated emails?
What benefits does LeadIQ promise for scaling personal prospecting?
What is the estimated time LeadIQ can save for a sales team per quarter?
How does LeadIQ's UI enhance usability and effectiveness?
What platforms can LeadIQ identify and capture contact data from?
How does LeadIQ generate personalized messages for prospects?
Does LeadIQ offer any resources or tools to assist with outbound prospecting?
What additional features does LeadIQ provide for Salesforce data?
How can I book a demo to learn more about LeadIQ?
What does the LeadIQ customer success stories say about the tool?
How secure is my personal information while using LeadIQ?
Does LeadIQ have integration with CRM tools?
What aspects of my prospect’s activity can LeadIQ consider for tailoring my message?
How can I train LeadIQ's AI for better results and accuracy?
Does LeadIQ offer any special features or tools for LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

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