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Automated B2B lead generation and outreach solution.
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Leadsourcing is an AI tool designed to help B2B businesses generate qualified leads and drive sales growth. It offers automation tools that enable businesses to reach out to potential customers through LinkedIn and email.

With Leadsourcing, businesses can effectively sort through leads and move them down the sales funnel. It creates personalized email and LinkedIn campaigns for businesses, increasing the efficiency of lead management.The tool also provides a lead generation powerhouse, allowing businesses to uncover untapped opportunities and receive a tailored strategy to skyrocket leads within 30 days.

Additionally, Leadsourcing offers a B2B sales engine that fine-tunes sales strategies and accelerates business growth.Leadsourcing features several free tools that enhance lead generation and outreach efforts.

These include a ChatGPT for LinkedIn, which generates personalized messages and automates invites, and an email finder for LinkedIn, which applies multiple verification processes to ensure accurate results.The tool stands out by using its own search engine algorithm to provide search results based on keywords and website URLs, rather than relying on acquired or customer-built databases.

This ensures unique and relevant leads.Leadsourcing has received positive feedback from customers who appreciate the platform's advanced targeting capabilities, seamless automation, and exceptional customer support.

It is especially recommended for B2B businesses lacking an effective outbound sales strategy.


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Jan 21, 2024
Hi ,how do you use it on Linkedin ? Thanks

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