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The Leexi Conversational Intelligence Platform is an AI-powered tool that transcribes, analyzes, and summarizes phone calls and video conferences. Its meeting summary feature allows users to easily review important information and automate follow-up emails.

The platform provides solutions for various business needs, including sales enablement, sales training, business intelligence, onboarding, dashboard, customer service, and call center.

It also offers solutions for sales leaders, salespeople, and customer success.Leexi is easily integrated with other tools like CRM and telephony tools, providing users with an intuitive experience that helps decrease onboarding time while increasing sales success rates.

With features like an automated note-taking system and a contextualized summary of each call, Leexi streamlines and simplifies work processes. The platform also offers an analytical view of each team member's call and video history to enable managers to recognize the team's best performers and identify areas for improvement.

Leexi has a straightforward setup process and provides users with live comments and notes during calls, allowing for easy delivery of background information between team members.

The platform offers various integrations such as Aircall, Zoom, Hubspot, Google Calendar, and Slack, ensuring an optimal user experience. Trusted by many companies worldwide, Leexi is a coaching and management tool that offers team members the opportunity to evolve and progress together.


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Pros and Cons


Transcribes, analyzes, summarizes calls
Automated follow-up emails
Affords diverse business solutions
Integrates with CRM
Integrates with telephony tools
Decreases onboarding time
Automated note-taking feature
Contextualized summaries
Analytical view of calls
Straightforward setup process
Live notes and comments
Integrates with Aircall
Integrates with Zoom
Integrates with Hubspot
Integrates with Google Calendar
Integrates with Slack
Team performance analysis
Quick, qualitative onboarding
Focused coaching advantages
Closes the gap between salespeople
Limits loss of information
Helps understand why deals fail
Identifies working sales methods
Facilitates new salespeople onboarding
Free CRM and telephony integration
High data security level
Storage strictly in Europe
GDPR compliant


No support for non-English languages
Limited integration options
No offline functionality
Focus on sales, missing other industries
Limited customization options
No direct data export feature
Unclear pricing structure
Requires high volume of salespeople
Data stored only in Europe
Doesn't support all telephony tools

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