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Q&A chat for legacy Mac desktops.
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LegacyAI is a ChatGPT (Generative Pre-training Transformer) client designed for older Mac OS systems and allows users to converse with OpenAI's ChatGPT from their desktop.

It is a tool that can efficiently serve as an AI-powered personal assistant for anyone using older Macintosh computers. The application supports Mac OS 9 - 10.6.8 and allows users to choose AI models depending on their requirements and even set proxy servers if required.

LegacyAI also provides users with options to save conversations for future reference, change AI models to adapt to their needs, and fully customize preferences.

The tool is free to use, but API access is dependent on donations. Running costs are involved in hosting the server and using OpenAI's API, so if users are in a position to donate, they can do so through a link provided.

It requires a Macintosh computer running Mac OS 9 - 10.6.8, preferably a G3 processor, at least 16mb RAM, and 1mb disk space. It should be noted that LegacyAI does not transmit information over HTTPS as Mac OS 9 was developed before HTTPS was a standard protocol on the internet.

While LegacyAI is free to use, the transmissions made using it on an older Macintosh are not secure. It is essential to understand this and not use it for sensitive matters.

The tool was built by Manticore Software, a software development agency in New Zealand, and its founder, Jordan Trbuhovic.

Legacy AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 9th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Designed for older Mac systems
Supports Mac OS 9 - 10.6.8
Serves as personal assistant
Ability to set proxy servers
Free to use
Entirely dependent on donations
Can save previous conversations
Capability to customise preferences
Just requires 1mb disk space
Allows transmissions without HTTPS
Designed and maintained by Manticore Software
Support for G3 processor
Specifically for legacy Mac OS
Locally installed, no cloud needed
Compatible with low RAM machines


Limited to older Mac OS
No HTTPS for transmissions
API access dependent on donations
Works best on G3 Processor
Requires 16Mb RAM minimum
Requires 1Mb Disk space
Not for sensitive subjects
Transmissions are not secure
No continuous updates support


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What are running costs on LegacyAI?
What are the system requirements to use LegacyAI?
Why does LegacyAI not transmit information over HTTPS?
What do you mean that transmissions made using LegacyAI are not secure?
Does LegacyAI offer any customized preferences?
How can I set up my own proxy server on LegacyAI?
Can I adapt the AI models on LegacyAI to my needs?
Can I use LegacyAI as a personal AI-powered assistant?
What is the size of the LegacyAI application?
Who is the founder of Manticore Software?
What is the role of OpenAI's API in LegacyAI?
Is LegacyAI only for older Macintosh computers?
How can I donate to support LegacyAI?

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