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IP protection assistant for legal counsel
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LEGAiT is an innovative AI legal counsel tool developed by AiPEX Counsel. Powered by GPT-4, the latest generative AI model from OpenAI, LEGAiT offers a revolutionary approach to accessing top-tier legal guidance and resources with competitive fee structures.

This cutting-edge platform aims to replace human US legal resources by providing impeccable legal assistance to its clients.LEGAiT utilizes a combination of advanced AI technology, custom code, internal prompt engineering, and industry-leading data to deliver superior legal advice.

It offers expert guidance in drafting and negotiating complex legal documents, contracts, briefs, and opinions. The tool's interlocking AI systems generate sophisticated legal answers and options, ensuring clients receive comprehensive support.With LEGAiT, AiPEX Counsel is redefining the way emerging companies and tech equity finance ventures access top-tier legal assistance.

The tool's 'Emerging Company & Equity Investments' practice provides expertly-crafted legal documents that protect creative assets and ensure compliance with US legal regulations.Additionally, LEGAiT's 'Marketing, Advertising & Intellectual Property' practice safeguards intellectual property and helps navigate complex marketing and advertising regulations.

Furthermore, its 'Joint Venture, Deep Partnership & M&A' practice supports clients in executing their vision across corporate transactions, partnerships, and mergers and acquisitions.LEGAiT is designed to make expert legal assistance more accessible through its innovative fee structures.

It guarantees flawlessly accurate results that are fully compliant with the US legal system. By leveraging LEGAiT, clients can experience the future of legal services and propel their success.


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LEGAiT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 8th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Powered by GPT-4
Industry-leading data usage
Internal prompt engineering
Expert guidance in documentation
Comprehensive support
Emerging Company & Equity Investments expertize
Marketing, Advertising & Intellectual Property practice
Joint Venture, Deep Partnership & M&A practice
Innovative fee structures
Flawlessly accurate results
Full compliance with US legal system
Protects creative assets
Navigates marketing regulations
Supports corporate transactions
User-friendly for emerging companies
User-friendly for tech equity finance ventures
Superb legal answers
Ultra sophisticated document creation
Industry-leading data and expertise
Designed for advertising laws
Supports mergers and acquisitions
Promises precision in legal documentation
Unique blend of custom code
Future of legal service
Propels client success


Limited to US legal advice
Highly specific legal fields
May provide inaccessible language
No mentioned customization options
Complex for non-law professionals
Possible Dependence on updates
Over-reliance on GPT-4
Lack of user interface specifics
No integrated collaborative features
No stated data security measures


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