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Analyze and abstract loan documents for contracts.
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Legal Graph is an AI tool designed to extract insights from lengthy loan documents with accuracy, transparency, and editability. It overcomes limitations in existing solutions by addressing issues such as hallucination and the inability to explain results.

With Legal Graph, users have the option to modify the abstracted information to fine-tune the AI's behavior and meet their specific requirements. Some key features of Legal Graph include effortless abstraction, complete transparency, and flexibility to edit responses.

It simplifies the abstraction process for even the most complex, 500+ page loan contracts, providing accurate results. The tool offers detailed reasoning with a chain of thoughts for each response, enabling the user to understand the outcome with clarity.

Additionally, Legal Graph allows users to tailor the abstracts to perfection and align them with their needs.Legal Graph also offers an on-premise solution, ensuring enhanced control and data privacy.

All data transmission occurs with robust encryption for utmost security. The tool is designed to handle contracts of over 500 pages, and it can review various types of contracts, including loan agreements and MSAs.

To ensure accuracy, Legal Graph is trained on a vast database of legal contracts and terminology, continuously fine-tuning its performance. The tool leverages knowledge graphs to establish vital connections and relationships between various data points in the contracts.

Customer support is provided throughout the user journey, from onboarding to understanding results, and addressing any questions or concerns. Legal Graph offers both a Starter Plan with standard pricing and an Enterprise Plan with custom pricing, including additional features like on-premise solutions and enhanced security.


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Mar 25, 2024
one of the best AI based legal tech solution to review contracts with accuracy and data security

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LegalGraph was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 10th 2023.
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