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Data retrieval solution.
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Lemonado AI is an AI tool designed to provide users with quick and easy access to answers within their own data. Users can utilize this tool to search their data and obtain the information they need in a convenient manner.

Accessing Lemonado AI can be done by clicking the Lemonado AI button in the right-hand menu or by utilizing specific keyboard shortcuts. To get the desired answers, users simply need to ask their questions in plain language, being as specific as possible.

Though still in its Beta phase, Lemonado AI aims to deliver results, even if not perfect. Once users receive their answers, they have the option to copy and paste the results into any spreadsheet or save them as a widget.

No coding or complex procedures are necessary, as asking a question is all that is required for Lemonado AI to retrieve the relevant answer from the user's data.

The tool prides itself on its simplicity and ease of use. Lemonado AI offers a free plan, requiring no credit card for registration. Users can create an account and start unleashing the power of AI right away.


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