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Personalized photo generation.
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Lensco.ai is an AI-powered tool that lets users generate photos that look perfect and capture their personality. It works by using advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze and learn from the user's uploaded photos and create new images that fit their preferences.

The tool allows users to be anything, anyone or anywhere they want, by choosing from different photoshoot recipes available on the platform. Users can upload up to 20 photos and select the type of photos they would like to be generated before starting the photoshoot.

Once the photoshoot is complete, they can view and refine their output photos if necessary. Lensco.ai offers unlimited worlds to explore, and users can sign up for a monthly subscription plan that includes 600 credits per month to use towards generating photos.

However, users should note that the output depends on multiple variables, such as the input photos, photoshoot recipe, and other factors. The tool accepts different file formats, such as JPG, PNG, HEIC, and RAW.

Lensco.ai does not offer refunds after training the AI with the user's photos due to the high cost of training. Overall, Lensco.ai offers a convenient and affordable way to generate high-quality photos that capture the user's uniqueness using AI technology.


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Pros and Cons


Personalized photo generation
Analyzes user's photo preferences
Offers multiple photoshoot recipes
Upload capacity: 20 photos
Refining output photos option
Subscription plans available
600 monthly credits
Affordable photo generation
Generates high-quality images
Unique user photo themes
Customizable output types
User-friendly platform
Replicable photo generation process
Early access to new features


Limited photos per subscription
No refund policy
Dependent on quality inputs
Limited uploads (20 photos)
Variable output quality
High-cost for additional training
Long training phase after uploads


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