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Generation of tailored lesson plans for teachers.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered lesson plan generator developed by teachers to revolutionize the way lessons are created. The platform uses AI technology to quickly and easily generate tailored lesson plans that are suited to the needs and abilities of individual students.

With this tool, teachers can save time and energy while creating high-quality lesson plans that incorporate guided and independent practice, assessments, and closure activities.

The platform also provides users with detailed step-by-step guides and resources to ensure that lesson plans are easy to follow and implement in the classroom.

Additionally, the AI-generated lesson plans can be customized to fit the style of the teacher and the grade level of the students. With, teachers can create engaging and effective lessons in a fraction of the time it would take to do manually.

Try it out for free today and experience the power of AI-generated lesson plans.


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Feb 11, 2024
Looks good but leaves little room for instructions, but allows you to edit the lesson plans afterwards. The bad thing is I could not try doing any of these as it cannot be used without subscription

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Pros and Cons


Generates tailored lesson plans
Developed by teachers
High-quality lesson plans
Guided and independent practice
Incorporates assessments and closure
Detailed step-by-step guides
Easy to implement
Scope for plan customisation
Applicable to any grade
Quick and efficient
Free trial available
No credit card required
Incorporates engaging activities
Resources for student retention
Streamlines planning process
Saves time and energy
Perfect for new teachers
Improves teaching capabilities
Easy to use platform
Comprehensive lesson plans
Facilitates learning and retention
Helpful for busy teachers
Regularly updated resource center
7-day free trial
Teacher testimonials available
Accommodates all teaching styles
Built specifically for teachers
Targeted for K-12 grades


Potentially limited subjects
Restricted grade levels
Less customization options
Might lack international materials
Possibly biased towards US curriculum
No mention of adaptive learning
No offline functionality
No multiple language support
Maybe over-simplified lesson plans
No explicit integration with LMS


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