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Lets Enhance: Image Quality AI

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Lets Enhance is an AI-powered tool to upscale, enhance and generate high-quality images. The tool is designed to not only increase image resolution but also to improve its overall quality by fixing common problems like blur and pixelation.

It is capable of transforming low-quality images into sharp, clear photos meant for digital use, print, and web. In addition to improving image quality of existing photos, it has a feature to generate AI-authored images.

This makes it useful for a variety of professionals, including creatives and businesses wanting to enhance images for their services or products. Users can convert words into high-res images, and resize or upscale them without losing quality, even to HD, 4K resolutions and beyond.

The tool also offers solutions to enhance print quality with superior resolution, color and clarity in prints. There is a feature designed for handling user-generated content, improving the resolution of images not shot professionally, and making them print-ready materials.

Businesses can use it to optimize website images for better performance and user experience. Offering additional time-saving features such as batch editing, it allows users to process multiple images at once.

Lets Enhance: Image Quality AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 2nd 2022.
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Mar 1, 2024
Great upscaler!
Dec 22, 2023
you only get 10 credits better to use other upscalers
Jun 4, 2023
bigjpg was much better than this one.

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Pros and Cons


Online application
Free photo enlarger
Fixes blurry images
Fixes pixelated images
Improves poor quality images
Increases resolution
Wide-ranging use cases
One-click presets
Enlarges images up to 500MP
Automatic product photo editing
Fixes white balance
Fixes saturation
HDR filter
Batch image editing
Quick processing
Converts words into high-res images
Enhances print quality
Improves user-generated content
Optimizes website images
Handles multiple images
Capable of HD, 4K resolutions
Restores JPEGs
Highly efficient
Removes JPEG artifacts
Automatic enhancement
Color correction
Boosts real estate images
Improves iPhone photos


No mobile application
Limited free usage
Inefficient with previously upscaled images
Not suitable for all image formats
Limited to 500MP upscale
Charges for high resolution upscaling
Limited by image original quality


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