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Website support and search engine for customers.
Generated by ChatGPT

ChatGPT is an AI tool that can be added to a website to enable visitors to ask questions and receive helpful answers based on the content present in guides, blogs, and resource pages.

Powered by Letterdrop, ChatGPT can provide answers to queries on any topic that is covered by your website's content. It uses Semantic Search technology to understand the intent of the user's inquiry and help them find the information they need quickly and accurately.

One of the key benefits of ChatGPT is that it can make it easier for potential customers to engage with your site by providing them with a more intelligent search experience.

It can act as a complement to a traditional keyword-based search widget, making it possible for users to ask natural questions using plain language. The tool can also help marketing and support teams to answer customer inquiries more efficiently by directing them to the relevant content quickly.

While ChatGPT offers free limited service with up to 20 queries per hour, a paid account offers additional benefits, including ongoing indexing of new content, making it easier to keep the chatbot updated with the latest information available.

Users can also access Letterdrop's Slack integration, allowing team members to ask questions about the content in real-time directly from Slack.


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Letterdrop was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 21st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Semantic Search technology
Understands user intent
Plain language queries
Compliments keyword-based search
Efficient customer inquiries redirection
Free limited service available
Ongoing content indexing option
Updates with latest information
Slack integration
Real-time queries from Slack
Supports multiple content types
Helpful for marketing and support teams
Transforms traditional search widgets
Real-time support and search
Enhances site visitor engagement
Supports increased engagement and conversion
Availability of pricing options
Can index new content on an ongoing basis
Efficient utilization of existing resources
Can handle large query volume
Ability to ask natural questions
Decreases workload of support teams
Ability to learn from new content


Limited free service queries
Paid account for indexing
Not real-time content updates
Dependent on existing content
Limited to website's information
Potential mixed context results
No multi-language support mentioned
No mobile app version
No dedicated customer support


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What are the benefits of ChatGPT for marketing and support teams?
What is the limit of queries ChatGPT can handle in its free service?
What are the additional benefits of a paid ChatGPT account?
Does ChatGPT offer real-time chatting directly from Slack?
How to add ChatGPT to my website?
How can ChatGPT help keep my chatbot updated with latest information?
What is Letterdrop's Slack integration?
Why should I consider using ChatGPT on my site?
Is there an integration of ChatGPT for LinkedIn and Twitter posts?
If I sign up for a paid account, will my content be indexed on an ongoing basis?
How does ChatGPT support efficient answering of customer inquiries?
Who are some trusted users of ChatGPT?
Is the ChatGPT tool mobile-responsive?
Does ChatGPT provide support for SEO optimization?

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