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Line 21 is an AI-supported software designed to facilitate the creation, enhancement, translation, and delivery of live captions. The tool is uniquely designed to merge the capabilities of human captioners with AI's proof-reading ability, promoting an inclusive environment for all users and producing a higher standard of live content.

Users can easily send captions through Line 21, either by using a keyboard macro or via a connector. The AI Proofreader feature of Line 21 detects and rectifies any errors in the captions in real time and can be calibrated according to the demands of each individual client.

The software provides automated translation of captions into over 100 languages using custom AI engines for each language. To ensure that their clients receive captions without any significant delay, Line 21 ensures low latency delivery to all destinations.

This is facilitated through a variety of means, including browser link, subtitle overlay, video encoding, or API integration. One of the fascinating features of Line 21 is its ability to distribute customized captions to a wide range of destinations from social media platforms to custom web link and overlay apps.

Despite its extensive capabilities, the tool remains user-friendly and interactive, integrating with a wide range of services and delivering captions to a variety of destinations.

Line 21 was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 2nd 2023.
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